Griddle Your Way to Gourmet Cookie Perfection with These Cookie Irons

Upgrade your baking game with these international cookies

Chocolate chip, peanut-butter, oatmeal raisin—these are the greatest hits we grew up with here in America. We love them dearly of course but over in Europe, there’s a bit of artistic elegance served in the form of a simple cookie. Break from the usual and impress family and friends with some global baking knowledge—take them to Norway, Italy, and the Netherlands with these three cookie irons.

Pizelle Griddle

pizelle griddle
This delightful Italian treat is almost too lovely to eat. Amazon

Its lacy imprint and wafer-thin delicacy instantly sets this cookie apart from the ordinary. The CucinaPro machine comes with a stress-free, non-stick surface and allows you to make two 5-inch cookies at a time. Serve them with a simple showering of powdered sugar, mold them into the shape of a cannolo for stuffing, or use two to create a dainty Nutella sandwich. The possibilities are endless.

Krumkake Griddle

Krumkake griddle
Similar to the Italian Pizelle, the Norwegian krumkake recipe requires a double-sided decorative griddle. Amazon

Though commonly made during the Christmas season in Scandinavia, these cookies are fun to make and delicious to eat all-year long. Simply crisp up a thin layer of batter until lightly golden, then roll into a cone shape using the plastic shaper tool. Fill them with fresh custard and berries or pack them with homemade ice cream.

Stroopwafel Griddle

stroopwafel maker
The cast aluminum electric griddle from Palmer makes two waffles at a time, no flipping required. Amazon

Traditional stroopwafels are meant to sit atop of your coffee mug, slowly allowing the steam to warm up the spiced, syrupy center into a gooey sweet-toothed fantasy just in time for your first bite. Though most of us don’t have the patience to wait even 30 seconds for that warm center, stroopwafels can be eaten straight from the griddle.

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