Our Favorite Hawaiian Shirts for Men

Engage your tropical side with these Hawaiian shirts


October 20, 2021
Male looking out at the ocean waves
Feeling tropical is a state of mind – but wearing a Hawaiian shirt doesn’t hurt either. Unsplash

Not everyone can pull off wearing a Hawaiian shirt. But everyone should try! There’s something about slipping on a shirt so bright you ought to wear shades that instantly lowers the blood pressure. The time instantly becomes Happy Hour, the smell of coconuts seemingly fills the air and … hey, is that a Jimmy Buffett song playing off in the distance?

If you’re ready to escape for some island time, here are the shirts you should be wearing during your journey.

28 Palms

28 Palms Hawaiian Shirt
This 100 percent cotton shirt is machine washable and standard fit (so order a size up if you’re in between sizes). Amazon

With 30-plus designs to choose from, you’ll surely find something here that works as well at the beach as it does at the office on Casual Friday. We love the lived-in look of these shirts too.


SSLR Men’s Flamingos Shirt

Flamingos Short Sleeve Hawaiian Shirt
These 100 percent polyester shirts get rave reviews from consumers who love its whimsical design and fade-resistant coloring. Amazon

In Florida, there’s practically a state law requiring everyone to own something flamingo-related. You can buy the lawn ornaments if you prefer, but we migrate toward this shirt. By the way, did you know there’s still no proven scientific explanation for why a flamingo often stands on just one leg? Think about that the next time you put on this shirt.

RAISEVERN Men’s Tropical Hawaiian Shirt

Tropical Pineapple Hawaiian Shirt
This cotton/polyester/spandex shirt is soft and breathable. If you love the pattern, shorts are available with the same design. Amazon

Well, hello, Happy Pineapple. If this shirt doesn’t cheer you up, then maybe try the “Cat Taco” design also offered by RAISEVERN. The manufacturer promises no shrinking and no fading. (We recommend hand washing just to be double careful.)

Hawaiian Tiki Panel Aloha Shirt

Teal Hawaiian Tiki Panel Aloha Shirt
Made in Hawaii with genuine coconut shell buttons, this cotton poplin shirt also is machine washable. Amazon

Not everyone can pull off the attitude needed to wear some of the crazier Hawaiian shirt designs – that’s why we love this understated offering. The subtle coloring and panel design make this a more laid-back and relaxed choice.


Johari West Geometric Forest

Gray Geometric Forest Hawaiian Shirt
Made from 100 percent high grade Indonesian cotton, this shirt also features monogrammed Johari West buttons. Amazon

Looking for something unique? These shirts are hand printed to ensure that no shirt is exactly like another. The fabric is also pre-shrunk so the size you buy will be the size that stays wash after wash.

Funky Hawaiian Shirt

Red Funky floral Hawaiian Shirt
This shirt is made of 100 percent terivoile, a finely woven, light-weight polyester. It’s machine washable. Amazon

Attention, Magnum P.I. fans: This is the closest shirt to the one worn by Tom Selleck in the popular ’80s television series. (In all fairness, he wore more than one Hawaiian shirt, but this red one is the classic look.) Just add a Detroit Tigers hat and a fake mustache (unless you still rock a real one) and you’re set for the next ’80s costume party.

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