How to Pick the Best Mini Fridge

Whether it’s for a dorm room, man cave or “she shed,” there’s a mini fridge perfect for you

There’s a mini fridge for every purpose under the sun. Send one with the kiddo to college for use in the dorm room. Keep one at the bedside to hold a couple of water and Gatorade bottles for a midnight sip. A mini fridge at the office can be used to keep your lunch away from hungry coworkers or to keep life-saving medicines cold. And as for your “man caves” and “she sheds” … well, pack those little fridges with all the guilty pleasures you want.

When choosing the right mini fridge for you, consider these factors:

  • For most mini fridges, it comes down to personal preference on storage capacity and shelf layout. Adjustable shelving gives more options.

  • Do you need a freezer in your mini fridge? Are you really planning to keep frozen food and make ice? If not, don’t pay for this unneeded feature or waste space. (If you do need it, look for a unit with a full width freezer inside.)

  • Do you need a lock on it? Some mini fridges come with a built-in lock – perfect for dorm rooms and fending away pesky roommates. (You can also add a lock feature later.)

  • Are you keeping food in your mini fridge? If so, you want a mini fridge with a compressor to keep food at safe temperatures. Fridges with thermoelectric cooling and heating are best used for simply storing beverages.

With these tips in mind, here are some mini fridges we like.

Cooluli Cooler and Warmer

mini fridge Cooluli
While most mini fridges are small, they’re not light. Here’s an option if you need a mini fridge that’s more portable. The Cooluli weighs just 4 pounds and can be powered by AC, DC and USB power cords. The thermoelectric technology can both cool and heat, making it a good choice for storing personal care items, medicines and everything in between. Amazon

Wine Fridge

mini wine fridge
While a red or white bottle of wine can probably be crammed into most mini fridges, this unit – featuring thermoelectric cooling – was designed exclusively for proper storage of vino. A touch screen allows for settings to be tweaked without opening the glass door. With an 18-bottle capacity and an ultra-quiet cooling system, this mini fridge is perfect for table or floor placement. Amazon

Fridge and Freezer

double door mini fridge
It’s as if someone magically shrank the fridge in the kitchen for this unique model, which features separate freezer and refrigerator compartments. There is even a separate fruit and vegetable drawer and internal light to find your way around. Amazon

The Cube

black mini fridge
If you’re kicking it old school, this model is the ’66 Ford Mustang of mini fridges. With 1.7 cubic feet, it’s ideal for dorm rooms or below your office desk. It sports a full width freezer compartment and a reversible door. Even with its short stature, this fridge can accommodate 2-liter bottles. Amazon

Drink Fridge with Glass Door

mini fridge with glass door
This 3.2 cubic feet fridge features a glass door so you can show off your beverage choices, making it perfect for the office kitchen or home bar. The single zone chilling area can hold up 120 soda or beer cans (or 60 bottles of wine) at 34 degrees. Recommended for beverages only. Amazon

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