6 Must-Buys for ‘Lord of the Rings’ Enthusiasts

Here are our favorite Middle-earth inspired pieces any ‘Lord of the Rings’ fan will love

One does not simply read Lord of the Rings just once. You have to read the books, watch the movies and keep up with fan theories! J.R.R. Tolkein’s epic adventure of Frodo, Gandalf, Aragorn, Legoals, Gimli and the gang has transcended generations to be one of the best-selling novels ever written… with good reason.

Along with several movie and planned TV adaptations, the series also spurred hundreds of collectables for wannabe hobbits and hardcore fans. Here are some of the most unique items that every Lord of the Rings fan should own.

Story Collection

Great Tales of Middle-earth book collection
The books feature illustrations from Alan Lee and come in a beautiful box set. Amazon

The Great Tales of Middle-earth is a collection of some of J.R.R. Tolkien’s most beloved work. The novels of Children of Húrin, Beren and Lúthien, and The Fall of Gondolin are packaged together for the first time in this set. This would make a great gift for any Tolkien lover.

Whiskey Glass

Whiskey Glass with the words Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost Hand Etched
These made in the USA whiskey glasses are perfect for any libation. Amazon

Enjoy your beverage the hobbit way! Integrity’s premium Lord of the Rings whiskey glass is a must buy. The saying is deep etched directly on the glass and will never fade or come off in the dishwasher. This is one glass that can travel there and back again.

Door Mat

You Shall Not Pass etched into door mat
The doormat is the perfect combination of functional and whimsy. Amazon

Give your guests a greeting straight out of Middle-earth! Taken from Gandolf’s iconic line, this doormat will welcome elves, dwarfs, hobbits, as well as your friends and family. Not only is the doormat adorable, but it’s also durable. With thick fibers to clean your shoes, there is no need to worry about your guests tracking in dirt.

One Ring

King Will Titanium Gold Platted wedding band for men and women
The One Ring is the one for you. Amazon

Every Lord of the Rings fan needs their own One Ring. This gold-plated titanium ring is an exact copy of the famous One Ring and even features an engraved poem inscription in the Black Speech of Mordor. It’s a charming accessory that will have you saying “My Precious!”

Arwen Evenstar Pendant

Silver Arwen Evenstar Pendant
Measuring more than 2 inches in length, this necklace will make a statement. Amazon

Is she the Arwen to your Aragorn? Noble Collection’s Arwen Evenstar pendant will make your special elf feel immortal. This silver necklace is based on the pendant from the Lord of the Rings movie and will make a great addition to any jewelry box.

Balrog Funko Pop

Balrog Funko Pop
Mini Balrog … Do we need to say more? Amazon

Name a better head-to-head match than Gandalf and the Balrog – we’ll wait. This Funko Pop action figure brings to life the fiery demon in amazing detail. When faced with one of Middle-earth’s worst beings, Gandalf said “Run, you fools” but we say “Add to cart.”

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