Bliss is right at home with these sauna units.Pixabay

Is it so hard to believe that Floridians would crave a home sauna? Sure, we live in near-sauna like conditions up to 75 percent of the year here, but a sauna wouldn’t have the humidity, thunderstorms and other meteorological delights that come with life in the Sunshine State.

Owning a home sauna is like having an everyday pass to a luxury spa—settle in, close your eyes, and let it melt your stress and fatigue away while exhaling all your worries. And here’s some more good news: They’re more affordable than you think. And they can fit right inside your home today. What are you waiting for? Here are several models of indoor saunas that will deliver you instant bliss.

This sauna is built from beautiful Canadian red cedar, a wood that provides excellent thermal insulation.Radiant Saunas

What's not to love with this family-sized sauna? Among its premium features are a CD player, radio, ergonomic backrests, recessed lighting, towel hooks and a magazine rack. It's designed to fit into a corner, so it's perfect for your home gym, master bedroom or basement (for you non-Floridians out there).

This model features six infrared carbon low EMF energy heating panels that can operate up to 140 degrees.Dynamic Saunas

This sauna can be installed in any indoor location, including even a walk-in closet. Though it's made to be super durable, it can be put together in less than an hour and operates using any dedicated 15 amp 110 volt outlet.

This slim model is built for individuals or couples and can fit snugly within a master bathroom, basement, or gym.Radiant Saunas

For such a small sauna, this model from Radiant has all the bells and whistles including a built-in audio system (radio, CD and auxiliary input) and bronze-tinted glass for privacy (and a touch of sophistication). The sauna’s Canadian hemlock construction is designed to resist mold and mildew while maintaining heat insulation.