5 Must-Own Items for Alabama Crimson Tide Fans

Here are five great ways for Bama fans to show their college pride.

Alabama and Florida share more than a state border – the residents of each state share an intense passion for college football. From Pensacola to Key West, it’s not uncommon to see fans of the Alabama Crimson Tide and our Florida universities sitting side by side at sports bars, cheering their teams to victories.

With two Heisman Trophy winners and an astounding 17 national championships, Bama has given its fans plenty of memories over its long history. Until the next title run, here are five fun items for Alabama fans to add to their collection.

Alabama Glitter Shoes

Alabama Shoes
Every win over an SEO rival – especially the villainous Auburn Tigers – is heavenly, and these show off that sentiment. (Or maybe you prefer the sequined flip flops?) The rubber sole and silver glitter canvas will help you stand out in the crowd at the Iron Bowl. Amazon

Bama Mini Football Helmet

Alabama Helmet
Alabama’s football helmet design is classic because it’s simple. In fact, this helmet design – with the crimson background and the players’ numbers on the side – has been the official look dating back to 1960. Ready for autographs from Bama greats such as Joe Namath, Tua Tagovailoa and Mark Ingram, the helmet includes realistic interior padding and even a four-point chin strap. Amazon


Why bother with Park Place when you can buy Bryant-Denny Stadium? This Tuscaloosa-themed Monopoly-style board game has been customized for Bama fans, including stops at The Strip and The Million Dollar Band. Just be sure to avoid the “academic probation” and “parking ticket” boxes. Amazon

Roll Tide T-shirt

Vintage Roll Tide Tshirt
What better way to show your Bama than with this Roll Tide shirt. It’s has a 50/50 cotton-polyester blend and can stand up to the Saturday heat each fall weekend. As for the origin of the phrase “Roll Tide” – well, even the official University of Alabama website can’t pinpoint that, so just wear the shirt and enjoy the game! Link: Amazon

Bama Camouflage Cap

Alabama Hat
If there’s any season in the South more sacred than football season, it could be hunting season. Show fellow sportsmen who rules on Saturday afternoons with this Alabama logo camo cap. It’s adjustable size fits all, and its worn look tells rivals you’re not a bandwagon Tide fan. Amazon

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