Green Bay Packer fans aren’t just confined to the chilly tundra of Wisconsin. With home game tickets nearly impossible to get, Cheesehead Nation makes regular pilgrimages to warmer venues for their Sunday afternoon football fix. Florida - home of the Packers’ former NFC Central rival the Tampa Bay Buccaneers - was a popular stop, wth Green Bay fans filling the stands at Raymond James Stadium with green and gold.

While Packers fans await their next Super Bowl run, here are five items of Green Bay Packers fan gear to keep the spirit alive.

Packers Chef Apron and Hat

Those deep-fried cheese curds you're planning for halftime are going to make a mess if you're not cooking with this Green Bay apron and chef's hat. It features five pockets for your kitchen tools and an attached bottle opener for your Miller beers.Amazon

Team Jersey

This authentic Green Bay Packers jersey features Aaron Rodgers' number and logo printed on.Amazon

Packer Camo Hat

This adjustable fit camouflage cap is perfect for hunting season in Wisconsin where they track Lions, Bears and … Vikings? No, that's just their competition in the NFC North division.Amazon

Packers Beach Towel

Don't you love that familiar "G" logo? You'd think the Packers had it since their start in 1921, but it actually wasn't created until 1961 when the team's equipment manager and an art school student dreamed it up. In any case, wrap that G around you on your next Florida beach visit and let everyone around you know where the best football is played.Amazon

Green Bay Slides

These aren't "slippers" or "flip flops" - they're "slides." They come in three sizes, but just remember to put warm socks on first if you're planning on sliding into chilly Lambeau Field wearing these.Amazon