4 Must-Own Items for Los Angeles Rams Fans

Here are four great ways for Los Angeles fans to show their Rams pride

Casual fans of the NFL might confuse the location of the Rams franchise as St. Louis (where they played for 20 seasons) and Los Angeles (where the Rams are beginning a second stint with the city). But did you know they were actually founded in Cleveland?

Yes, the Cleveland Rams began play in 1936 before moving west to L.A. a decade later. To this day, the Rams remain the only NFL team to win league championships in three different cities (Cleveland in 1945, Los Angeles in 1951, St. Louis in 1999).

Until they make their next Super Bowl run, here are four items that every Los Angeles Rams fan should own.

Rams Mini Helmet

NFL Los Angeles Rams Speed Mini Replica Helmet, White, Medium
Authentically re-created in one-quarter size and even featuring a four-point chinstrap, this mini-helmet is perfect for autographs. Amazon

Did you know the Rams were the first NFL to feature a logo on the side of their helmets? In 1948, team halfback Fred Gehrke – who worked off-season as a commercial artist – painted the horns on his helmet. A variation of that logo has been used ever since – even in all three Rams homes in history (Cleveland, St. Louis and now Los Angeles.)

Women’s Tank Top

FOCO NFL Womens Tie Breaker Tank Top Shirt
The 80/20 polyester cotton construction is as comfortable as it is eye-catching. Amazon

The Rams team logo is on the front of the tank top but we love the twist in the back – the blue and white halves meet with tie-able ends.

Rams Cap

NFL Men's OTS Challenger Adjustable Hat
This 100 percent cotton cap has a relaxed fit and a curved bill to give it that worn look. Amazon

That Rams logo on the cap will help you stand out as a member of one of the most passionate fan bases of any NFL team. Make sure you have it on your head the next time the Rams take on one of their many rivals.

Rams Youth Football

Rawlings NFL Downfield Youth Football
The hand grip on this ball sports five times the amount gripping pebbles vs. a standard rubber football. So let it fly. Amazon

Sure, you could buy an official NFL football for pregaming, but do you want to risk landing that sweet pigskin in a puddle of mud or having an RV run it over in the parking lot? This youth football has a grip that lets you wing the ball much further, and it won’t mind a bit if it gets a little wet in the process.

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