6 Must-Own Items for New England Patriots Fans

Here are six great ways for Boston fans to show their Patriots pride.

Outside of the New England area, it’s hard to be a Patriots fan. Tom Brady – a.k.a. “The GOAT” – and his teammates have dominated the NFL for season after season, and their rivals from Florida to California have had to take a back seat when it comes to Super Bowl parades.

But after decades of being pro football’s doormat, the Patriots are going to enjoy their time in the sun – be it Gillette Stadium outside of Boston or in the sunny confines of Florida’s football cathedrals. While we all await – or dread – their next Super Bowl run, here are six items every New England Patriots fan should own.

Patriots Beach Towel

NFL Beach Towel
Season after season, the colors won’t fade. Amazon

Save this towel for your next trip to Florida, Pats fans. After all, the average temperature in Boston in December is … 42 degrees?!? We suggest you move to Florida, use this 30 by 60 beach towel year round, and just watch the Pats on TV.

Women’s Tank Top

Women's Tank Top
The 80/20 polyester cotton construction is as comfortable as it is eye-catching. Amazon

The Patriots team logo is on the front of the tank top but we love the twist in the back – the navy blue and red halves meet with tie-able ends.

Patriots Throw Blanket

Patriots Throw Blanket
This 100 percent polyester blanket measures 60 by 80 inches. Amazon

“Established 1960?” Who are they kidding? This franchise really got its legs when Bill Belichick became the head coach in 2000. But we admire this throw blanket’s attempt at being humble.

Patriots Canopy

Coleman Rawlings NFL New England Patriots 10X10 SHELTER
The canopy offers 50-plus UPF protection. Amazon

This 10 by 10 canopy is absolutely necessary for keeping the sun and rain out of the clam chowder – New England style, of course. The one-piece steel frame sets up super fast, leaving fans with extra time to tailgate.

Dynasty T-Shirt

Dynasty. Hate 'Cause They Ain't Us. Navy T-Shirt
This shirt is available in a wide variety of sizes so even the largest boaster will find one that fits. Amazon

Oh, Pats fans. You bunch of lovable lugs. Of course you love this “You Hate Us ‘Cuz You Ain’t Us” shirt. And you couldn’t be more correct.

New England Lanyard

New England Lanyard
The detachable buckle makes this an ideal lanyard for work IDs. Amazon

It’s ideal for holding IDs, badges and tickets, but this Patriots-branded lanyard sadly won’t get you onto the sideline at the next New England-Indianapolis game. With a detachable clip/key ring, it’s a great way of showing the coworkers at the office which team reigns supreme in your cubicle.

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