4 Must-Own Items for Ohio State Fans

Here are four great ways for Ohio State University fans to show their Buckeyes pride.

Give credit to Ohio State fans. They have a nut as a mascot but still, the football team has won 39 conference championships and eight national titles since first kicking off in 1890. Followers of the “scarlet and gray” dutifully follow their beloved Buckeyes from afar – filling stadiums from Arizona to Florida for bowl games – and near (just check out the crowd any fall Saturday afternoon at Ohio Stadium).

If you’re wondering “what’s a buckeye” … well, it’s technically the state tree of Ohio and it produces a small brown nut with white top. News reports trace the use of “Buckeyes” to describe residents of the state all the way back to 1840 when an Ohioan named William Henry Harrison was elected president. The nut itself has been the official nickname of the university’s sports teams since 1950.

While we await the next inevitable run toward a national title, here are three items every Ohio State Buckeyes fan should own.

Editor’s Pick

Ohio State shirt
For a team that has smacked around Michigan plenty in the last decade, Ohio State sure loves to smack-talk about their rivals to the north. Amazon

As long as the Buckeyes continue winning Big 10 titles, expect the smack-talk to continue. This shirt celebrates the pride that Buckeye fans have in hating their neighbor.

Ohio Cutting Board

Bamboo Series Ohio Map
The Buckeye State is re-created in this wooden cutting board shaped like Ohio. (Notice there’s no reference to Michigan!) Amazon

Tailgating at an Ohio State game is an exercise in excess. Food specialties in the state range from Polish staples such perogies and Paczkis in North Ohio to the cheese-covered chili dishes of Cincinnati. Pull them all together with this fun cutting board. Just go easy on the cut marks in the Columbus area.

Route Wall Sign

Buckeye Nation Ohio State Sign
This embossed aluminum sign is about 12 inches tall and 12 inches wide. Amazon

Wow, this sign looks as if it was created the last time the Buckeyes lost to the villainous Wolverines. (How long ago was that? Any OSU fan would be able to tell you!) Place it close to the Ohio-Michigan state line at your own peril. (Psst: It’ll look better on your office wall anyway.)

Buckeyes Retro Cap

Buckeye Nation Ohio State Hat
The adjustable cap comes in a washed look and features a soft mesh back to complete its retro look. Amazon

We haven’t seen a cap like this since the days Woody Hayes was roaming the sidelines at Ohio Stadium. Hayes – who usually wore a black cap with the “O” logo on it – won more than 200 games and five national titles during his tenure. Though he passed away in 1987, he continues to be revered by the university and its fans.

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