4 Must-Own Items for Seattle Seahawks Fans

Here are four great ways for Seattle fans to show their Seahawks pride

Do you hear that roar coming from the Pacific Northwest? It’s likely about 70,000 Seattle Seahawks fans cheering for their team. Seahawk fans – or the “12th man” as they often refer to themselves – have twice set the Guinness record for the loudest crowd at a sporting event at 137.6 dB. (That’s about as loud as standing 50 feet away when a fighter jet takes off.)

Fans in Seattle have every reason to cheer loud and proud: Their Seahawks have been the bullies of the NFC West Division for some time now and have one Super Bowl title to their name. While we await the next championship run, here are four things every Seattle Seahawks fan should own.

Seahawks Cap

Seattle Mens OTS Challenger Adjustable Hat
This camouflage cap is made of 100 percent garment washed cotton twill to give it that worn-in look. Amazon

The Seahawks’ uniforms may have changed a lot over the years – anyone remember the lime green jerseys in 2009? – but that logo still strikes fear into the hearts of the opposition. We’re not sure this camo hat will help you fit in with the crowd at home games, but it’ll look sharp when you’re hunting for weekend bargains at the hardware store.

Seahawks Youth Football

Seattle NFL Downfield Blue Youth Football
The hand grip on this ball sports five times the amount gripping pebbles vs. a standard rubber football. So let it fly. Amazon

Sure, you could buy an official NFL football for pregaming, but do you want to risk landing that sweet pigskin in a puddle of mud or having an RV run over it in the parking lot? This youth football has a grip that lets you wing the ball much further, and it won’t mind a bit if it gets a little wet in the process.

Soft-Sided Cooler

Seattle Soft-Sided Insulated Cooler and Lunch Box Bag
The bag’s antimicrobial liner fights mold and mildew while the cooling technology keeps your goodies frosty for up to 24 hours. Amazon

Compared to concession prices at Seattle’s CenturyLink Field, this soft-sided cooler and lunch bag seems like such a bargain. It can accommodate up to nine cans, and thanks to Coleman technology, this must-have tailgating cooler keeps food and drinks cold up to 24 hours – enough to survive a full day of NFL action.

Golf Towel

Black Seattle Seahawks Embroidered Golf Towel
The Seahawks-branded towel is 100 percent cotton and measures 16 by 22 inches. Amazon

If there’s anything as sacred as 60 minutes of Seahawks football, it’s 18 holes of golf on the day before or after a game. Keep your cool on the fairway with this Seattle-themed golf towel.