When it comes to illuminating your bedside, the days of candlelight and oil-powered lanterns are long gone. Today’s nightstand lamps feature all sorts of unexpected extras, like USB ports for recharging your mobile devices and multicolored lights that can project a starry sky across the bedroom. Here are four great nightstand lamps we recommend.

AUKEY Nightstand Lamp

This touch-activated light is bright enough for reading but also creates a calming illumination that’s perfect for the bedroom.Amazon

Why is this our editor's pick? Because it's the fun pick. The lamp can display the whole color spectrum - or just pause it on your favorite hue. The lamp has three modes - soft glow, ambient warmth and bright light - that are activated by tapping on the base.

ZEEFO USB Table Lamp

The pair of lamps features two AC outlets (one 2-prong, one 3-prong) and two USB charging ports so you can power up your mobile devices while you sleep.Amazon

I'm seriously considering ditching my two perfectly good nightstand lamps at home and replacing them with this set from ZEEFO. Why? Because I want to recharge my cell phone and tablet each night but still keep them within arm's reach. Please note that the two AC outlets only accept max 1500 watt appliances so keep that in mind when you decide which products to plug in there.

3-Way Touch Control Dimmable Table Lamp

This lamp features USB ports and AC outlets but also dimmable controls.Amazon

SHINE HAI's lamp has many of the same features as its competitors, but adds in a dimmable control with four settings. Also, SHINE HAI boasts that it has tested more than 20 different bulbs before deciding an Edison LED bulb works best. To make their point, they include the energy-saving bulb with the lamp.

Mr. Go Globe Light

Mr. Go’s rechargeable LED lamp is the perfect size for kids to easily hold and carry anywhere.Amazon

I know this "just for kids" but can you blame me if I wanted one for the family room? There's a remote control to control the 16 available colors of lights and four fun light transition effects. The ball itself is powered by a built-in lithium-ion battery, with each full charge allowing for up to 12 hours of illumination.