Are you a fan of pyrography? Maybe you know it by its more common name: wood burning. Using heat to create designs on wood, clay and other surfaces is an artform that some believe goes back to the Paleolithic era, when cavemen are believed to have used firesticks to write on stone walls. Since the early 20th century, soldering pens have become the go-to tool for wood burning hobbyists. If you’re a seasoned pro - or just someone looking for an entry to the hobby - here are three great wood burning kits we recommend.

Walnut Hollow Creative Versa Tool

The Creative Versa Tool wood burning tool has 11 tips and a temperature control dial to customize the heat for any project.Amazon

The wood burning tool has a comfort grip, a heat shield for protection and an easy-to-use stand to keep the unit safe. Recommended for ages 14 and up, it can be used to create projects on paper, card, leather, fabric and composites. Tips include the universal, tapered, flow, calligraphy, shading, stamping, mini flow, cone, mini universal, hot knife and soldering point.

TRUArt Stage 2 Dual Pen Professional Wood Burning Detailer

Step up your game with this super powerful 60W wood burner with super precise voltage control.Amazon

Everything in this wood burning kit by TRUArt is designed for the hobbyist's comfort, safety and precision. The pen itself has super fast heat up and cool down times, meaning the hobbyist can switch out the tips faster and more safely. Improved insulation makes the pen comfortable to hold hour after hour. This set also includes a user manual, beginner's pyrography guide and stencils.

NSI Deluxe 3D Wood Burning Kit

Introduce younger family members to this classic hobby with this beginner's set.Amazon

This wood burning set from NSI has everything a kid needs to trace, burn and paint 10 projects in wood and cork.