A day lounging around the pool is even better with a cabana.Pexels

The right pool cabana can turn your ordinary backyard patio into a lush oasis worthy of a four-star resort. Picture yourself lounging on a daybed, shaded from the sun while frosty drinks help you savor the weekend. The happy truth is that a pool cabana needn’t be an unreachable luxury. We found four pool cabanas that are just waiting for their day in the sun.

For smaller spaces

Thick, padded seats on an all-weather rattan setup provides the basic luxury of this cabana. The adjustable shade controls how many rays you want on any given sunny afternoon.Homall

Sturdy but light, this daybed can be moved around the patio with ease to give you the best view of your backyard paradise. It's also compact enough to fit on smaller patios and even on balconies.

Endless summers

The weather-resistant cushion covers can be removed and washed. Meanwhile, the double chaise lounge can be adjusted to seven positions.Daonanba

When we dream of spending an afternoon at a Las Vegas pool, tucked away in a private pool cabana, this is the model we dream about. Curtains drape across a four-poster frame - or choose the umbrella model if you want more sun. Put this on your home's pool deck and you'll never want summer to end.

Detachable fabric shade

Canopy Island has two additional air chambers for added stability and comfort along with built-in cup holders. We don’t have to tell you what those are for.Intex

How clever! Why should a pool cabana only sit on the deck? This inflatable cabana has a detachable fabric shade so you can control the amount of sun you get. It's perfect for hot Florida summer afternoons.

Durable construction

This hardtop cabana protects the whole family with three-layer protection against UV rays.Erommy

Chilling out by the pool isn’t an adult-only activity - let the kids and family enjoy the fun too. This hardtop tent offers a VIP experience thanks to its size and durable construction. It comes with a powder-coated, rust-resistant aluminum gazebo frame and a netting zipper at four sides to keep your family and children safe and cozy