We’re technically all foodies these days, so start showing some love for your favorites—on your feet. These silly socks make a bold statement and can be worn on a casual Friday or beneath your power suit on a serious Monday. They’re a perfect present to yourself because—hey—we all wear socks, but any one of these designs will also make a great gift to loved ones when you aren’t sure what to buy them. Don’t take yourself so seriously and liven up your soles with a little food humor.

Pizza Socks

pizza socks in a pizza box
Why wait until the weekend to enjoy a pizza? Kick off your first business meeting of the week with pepperoni on your feet. This is one delivery we wouldn't mind receiving—4 pairs of mouthwatering delicious styles of pizza. There's a slice for everyone in here from pepperoni and Italian to Hawaiian and vegetarian.Amazon

Sushi Socks

sushi socks
So maybe you're more of a sushi person. Alright, they had us at the packaging, how cute is it? These off-the-wall patterns do a darn fine job of representing our favorite Japanese delights. Mmm, we could just taste it!Amazon

Donut Socks

donut socks
Indulge your sweet tooth with a very important message. Kick up your heels and tell the world you love donuts and you want them right now.Amazon

Fruit Socks (and More)

variety of fun food socks
Okay, we've been covering a lot of not-so-healthy foods here, so what about fruit? This pack of 10 pairs has it all: bananas, watermelon, avocados and pineapples along with a few other bonuses outside of the fruit category. This is the power pack of all food socks.Amazon

Meat Socks

meat socks
Keep your feet covered up with savory, salty, porky goodness. Ham bone, sausage links, bacon—this is the ideal gift for any meat lover. With six other food styles to choose from, the nacho socks are a strong runner up!Amazon

Ramen Socks

ramen socks
Warm up with ramen! These adorable socks feature steamy bowls of noodles, egg and meat. With two pairs in an order, you'll get to sport these in both grey and black. Even better, stock your drawers with Foozys for the rest of the week with your other favorite foods like mac 'n' cheese, chicken and waffles, hot peppers and more.Amazon

Tortilla Socks

Tortilla Socks
Fancy a Mexican fiesta on your feet? Get two pairs of tortilla socks rolled up into one fun package. One pair layers the flavors of lettuce, corn and meat, while the other pair highlights the fire-roasted flour wrap. Wear two of the same pattern or switch them up to complete the full burrito look.Amazon