Sarasota Music Festival 2023

June 8-24, 2023 in Sarasota


April 25, 2023
Sarasota Music Festival
Sarasota Music Festival Courtesy of Bruce Lehmen

Event Details:

The Sarasota Music Festival is a renowned event in the world of classical music. The festival brings together talented musicians from all over the globe for a summer of exceptional performances and educational opportunities. For over 50 years, the festival has been a staple in the Sarasota community and a destination for music lovers around the world.

The festival was founded in 1965 by Paul Wolfe, who was then the music director of the Florida West Coast Symphony. Wolfe envisioned a program that would attract exceptional musicians from across the country to come together and perform in Sarasota. Today, the festival continues to attract top talent and is a highly respected program in the classical music community.

The festival runs for three weeks every June and offers a variety of events, including chamber music performances, orchestra concerts, and master classes. The festival’s faculty consists of world-class musicians and educators, many of whom are members of major symphony orchestras or hold positions at prestigious music schools.

One of the unique aspects of the festival is its focus on chamber music. The program offers intensive coaching for ensembles, allowing musicians to hone their skills and refine their interpretations. The festival also provides a platform for these ensembles to perform in front of an enthusiastic and knowledgeable audience. In addition to chamber music, the festival also features a full orchestra, which performs a range of repertoire from classical to contemporary.

For aspiring musicians, the Sarasota Music Festival offers an exceptional learning experience. Master classes are held daily, offering students the opportunity to work with faculty members and receive feedback on their playing. The festival also provides a range of seminars on topics such as auditioning, career development, and the business of music.

Beyond the music, the festival offers a range of social events and activities, such as beach parties, picnics, and dinners with the faculty. These events create a sense of community among the participants and allow them to build lasting connections with fellow musicians.


June 8-24, 2023


Holley Hall at the Beatrice Friedman Symphony Center
709 North Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, FL 34236
Sarasota Opera House
61 N. Pineapple Avenue
Sarasota, FL 34236

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