7 gifts your new graduate will love

Two women celebrating graduating.
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Are you looking for some original ideas for graduation gifts? The days of gifting someone a briefcase and a Metro Card are probably – and thankfully – in the past. Today, a sense of humor or a touch of sentimentality work better. Here are some graduation gifts we adore.

The one where they get a mug

Class of 2022 mug.

We’re not sure if your newly minted graduate was a fan of the TV’s “Friends,” but at least you’ll get a laugh from this mug that parodies the show’s episode titles – “The One Where You Get a Job.” It’s microwavable – hey, they all aren’t! – and can also be bought in the form of a beer mug. That totally ruins the whole “Central Perk” idea, but you know your graduate’s tastes better than us.

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Truer words never spoken

Reality Bites DVD

“Reality Bites” is a 1994 movie starring Ben Stiller, Winona Ryder, Ethan Hawke about a group of newly graduating friends who are forced to reckon with the universal truth that reality does indeed bite. There are plenty of other movies about college graduates over the decades – “The Graduate” and “St. Elmo’s Fire” come to mind too – but this movie is also in the news these days because the Peacock streaming service has a TV adaptation in the works. You’ll win some points for knowing that.

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Get some more sleep now

black tshirt "I graduated, can I go back to bed now?"

Okay, this one got some legitimate laughs. My first thought: “Sleep? What is sleep? You have to be at work at 9 a.m. now for the rest of your life.” Well, unless you just graduated high school, in which case you can put off that sobering advice a little longer. (Just remember not to schedule any classes at college before noon.)

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The key to success

A graduation keychain.

Do you still have your graduation tassels? I do – from high school and college – and I display them in … well, right now in my filing cabinet, but I promise to display them better in my home office. “The tassel was worth the hassle” – truer words have never been spoken – or been emblazoned on a keychain. Graduates can use it for dorm room keys or that key to the brand-new cars they were daydreaming about getting after school ended.

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A touch of class

A wooden box.

Okay, not every one of our gift ideas is a laugher. This wooden desk and nightstand organizer is perfect for holding a wallet, smartphone, keychain and even a few watches. Don’t worry about scratching your valuables, the bottom is covered with a soft, velvety fabric.

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Inspirational bracelet

graduation bracelet

Engraved with the message “She believed she could so she did” – from author RS Grety – this adjustable bangle fits most women. It has smooth, round edges to avoid scratching the wrist. It’s made of stainless steel and corrosion resistant and will never rust or get tarnished. This particular bracelet is customized for 2022 graduations.

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Make a toast with these

Graduation tumblers.

Wow, these tumblers caught our eye immediately. You can personalize the hairstyle, skin tone, graduation hood color and name. The tumblers themselves can hold 20 ounces and are made with a stainless steel double wall. This is a gift every graduate will remember.

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