Best Bike Air Pumps in 2023


January 17, 2023
Vereno bike pump

Seasoned riders and new bikers alike need to be able to handle any little roadside emergency. A good water bottle and a quality bike air pump are necessities for bicyclists because tires get flats every few months on average. Most bike valves are called Schrader valves and they’re just like those on your car tires, while Presta valves can take more pressure and are often found on more expensive bikes. If you’re only an occasional rider and stay close to home, a regular bike pump will do. But if you commute, or regularly ride centuries, then you need a good bike air pump. The style of the bike and the size of the rider will dictate the type of bike tire pump you need.

BV Bicycle Pump Ergonomic Bike Floor Pump with Gauge

Quick worker

With a long barrel, it’s a breeze to inflate tires and sports balls with the included needle. Amazon

From the thrill of that first time you removed the training wheels to the challenge of racing down a tumultuous mountain trail, we love the freedom of bike riding. Bicycling is so popular that consumers buy between 15 to 20 million bicycles every year in the U.S. alone. With a quick touch of the bike tires, it’s easy to tell if they’re inflated properly. Underinflated tires make for a slower ride, but overinflated ones also don’t handle well, and could pop in the heat (as warmer air is more excited and it expands). The twin valve pump head fits both Presta and Schrader valves, while the strong steel barrel makes this sturdy bike pump ready to roll. The base is large and stable and the extra-long hose makes reaching those tire stems easy. Gets the pressure up to 160 PSI – higher than needed for bikes – and it’s easy to read the large gauge to properly fill all your inflatables. We love the ergonomically designed handle that is also handy for inflating pool floaties.

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Dial it in


The easy-to-read inflater gives guidance on the pressures for most bike tires and applications. Amazon

Just like bikes, bicycle tires are designed for performance on the road. When Mr. Dunlop invented the bike air pump in 1887 – the same year air tires arrived on the scene – he couldn’t have predicted how most of the 100 million bikes sold each year would need bike air pumps. With the ability to inflate to 120 PSI, this one has enough pressure for all but the narrowest of road bike tires. In general, kid’s bikes are inflated to between 20 and 40 PSI, mountain bike tires are inflated to between 30 and 50 PSI, hybrid bike tires are between 50 and 70 PSI, and road bike tires are generally inflated between 80 and 130 PSI. This navy blue pump inflates both types of valves and is made of strong steel, so it will last for years of rides. The wide base makes it simple to pump, even on hills and uneven surfaces. It comes in orange, black, and silver.

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BV pump

Twist and ride

The folding head fits both common types of tires and makes quick work of any chore. Amazon

Small and strong, this bike air pump comes with a bracket mount and fits most bicycles. Once mounted, there’s a securing strap to make sure it stays in place while traversing those mountain paths or rugged trails. Able to inflate to 120 PSI, this bike air pump can expand to go from about 10 inches to about 15 inches for ease of use. Before inflating bike tires, make sure you know, and don’t exceed, the maximum pressure. This is especially important with thin and narrow tires with relatively high pressures and little margin for inflation errors. Also, the weight of the rider may require altering the tire pressures by a few PSI to best accommodate the biker.

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Great for vacations

Bring this on the road with you because it can handle any task. Amazon

This bike pump has a unique design that makes it convenient for inflating not just bike tires, but air mattresses and sports equipment, too. The powerful double-barrel design lets this bike air pump reach 160 PSI quickly. Even better? With the foot pumping action, once the pump is connected to the value, use one foot to hold it and another foot to pump, without any need to bend down. We love that comfort and convenience. This would be a handy pump for the longest tandem bicycle, which sat 35 people and was over 20 yards long. The three included nozzles can inflate all three valves – Schrader, Presta, and Deutschland. Great for road tripping, this powerful pump can inflate motorcycle tires, pool rafts, and floats, too.

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Cycplus portable air compressor

Maxi mini

With a built-in flashlight, this bike pump can even charge your phone. Amazon

Created with a powerful compressor and rechargeable lithium-ion battery, this sleek electric bike air pump is just what you need to get your flat fixed. Glad that didn’t happen in 2018 when American Denise Mueller-Korenek was riding her custom bike at a mind-boggling world record-setting 183.932 miles an hour. Because this is an electric pump, there is a higher likelihood of overinflating. To combat that, this portable pump can be set to a certain PSI and has an auto stop. A complete mounting kit is included – great for wheelchairs and scooters, too – with a mount, velcro, screws, and a screwdriver.

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