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Protect your vehicle from the elements with these reliable car covers.

Whether you live in the cold and wind of the north or the blistering heat of the south, the luxury of garaging your car has often been replaced by a nice den or man palace, leaving your ride literally out in the cold, or in the hot seat.

It’s one reason car covers have gone from an indulgence to a borderline necessity over the last two decades.

So if you’ve just converted that garage or you’re just looking to protect your car, any of these great choices will have you covered.

Kayme 6 Layers Car Cover Waterproof All Weather for Automobiles, Outdoor Full Cover Rain Sun UV Protection with Zipper Cotton, Universal Fit for Sedan (178"-185")Vehicle Durable Exterior Car Cover for Hatchback Coupe Sedan (176"-185")

Find the vehicle night or day

We love the smart design, particularly the reflecting strips that help with identification. Amazon

Kayme has made a thick and heavy aluminum-based cover that is great for areas where tropical storms and snowstorms are commonplace. Yes, that casts a wide swath, but then so does this adjustable cover. Its heaviness helps secure it to the car even without the windproof straps at its front and rear, and the elastic bands used to fit it snugly to your car. The reflective aluminum will keep your new car paint looking new, and it is lined with soft cotton that protects against scratching when placing it on and off. Another feature we like is the driver-door zipper option, in case you leave something in the car… like your keys!

iCarCover 30-Layers Custom-Fit All Weather Waterproof Automobiles Indoor Outdoor Snow Rain Dust Hail Protection Full Auto Vehicle Durable Exterior Car Cover for Hatchback Coupe Sedan (176"-185")


It goes on as easy as 1-2-3, with a buckle and strap system that tightens its hold on your vehicle. Amazon

Waterproof, weatherproof, this number from iCarCover large breathable UV premium layer prevents rays from damaging the vehicle exterior, and protects your inside leather and paint from wearing prematurely due to the sun’s rays. Its soft lining and elastic hems assure this covering will protect without so much as an inadvertent scrape or scratch from taking it on and off. Comes with a cover bag for easy storage.

Autsop Car Cover Waterproof All Weather, 6 Layers Car Cover for Automobiles Outdoor Full Cover Sun Hail UV Snow Dust Protection with Zipper, Universal A3-3XXL (Fits Sedan 194" to 208")

Multiple sizes and option

sExceptionally made with soft fabric on the inside and an aluminum layer to reflect and combat the sun Amazon

Autsop goes to great lengths to itemize how they will protect your car, starting with the six-layer covering that sandwiches two different waterproof sheets around a dust-proof material. There’s also a convenient and simple-to-use zipper on the driver’s side, for easy entry in and out. It comes in 10 different sizes to match the specific dimensions of your car.

GUNHYI Car Cover Waterproof All Weather for Automobiles, 6 Layer Heavy Duty Outdoor Cover, Sun Rain UV Protection, Fit Sedan (Length 182-191inch)


It has its own anti-aging top side treatment to ward off drying out and cracking. Amazon

Another six-layer entry into this category, GUNHYI threw a nice wrinkle into their cover with a black fabric that marks front from back, smoothing the process of removing it from its storage bag to fitting it to your car. The lining is soft cotton to ward off accidental scratches, and it has reflective strips on the outside coat to identify it at night, avoiding an accidental and unwanted dent at the hands of others.

MORNYRAY Waterproof Car Cover All Weather Snowproof UV Protection Windproof Outdoor Full Car Cover, Universal Fit for Sedan (Fit Sedan Length 194-206 inch)

Great durability

Don’t be fooled by the light weight of this cover. Amazon

This cover by MORNYRAY offers much of what its heavier competitors do in terms of weather and sun protection, it’s just easier to get on and off, and to store. Made of thin high-concentration polyester, it has many of the bells and whistles that make covers so attractive: soft, non-abrasive lining, reflective strips that mark your car to approaching vehicles, elasticized hems to secure it in place, and a storage bag.

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