Best Electric Bikes for 2023


January 17, 2023
electric bike

Electric bikes combine the best of locomotion and exercise. From commuting and running errands, to exploring the world or just the neighborhood, e-bikes are becoming a common sight at city crosswalks. Combining the kid-like fun of bike riding with the convenience of a hill climbing motor, these chargeable e-riders are much less expensive to ride – and insure – than cars or motorcycles.

In North America, the current multi-billion dollar electric bike industry got its jumpstart in 1997 when Chrysler legend Lee Iacocca co-founded EV Global motors, the electric motor manufacturer. Now, e-bicycles are the rage among experienced and new riders alike.

More relaxing than a traditional bike, e-bikes have street, mountain, and commuter options. After taking an e-bike for a spin, your only regret will be not purchasing one sooner. Here are our favorites.

velowave bike

Explore the path by the creek or take the road less traveled with this strong, dark, and handsome electric bike. Wear-resistant sturdy 26” tires can take you places many e-bikes can’t reach. This e-bike has a 750-watt motor, charged by a removable battery that only takes four hours to charge. Crafted with the Shimano professional grade seven-speed gearing system, this ride can get you up to a little over 28 miles per hour by pedal, and up to 20 MPH using the engine. Although the e-bike is only now gaining widespread popularity, it’s been over 125 years since the first patent emerged for a battery-powered bike. Designed for riders no taller than 6’2” and 300 pounds, this electric bike keeps the ride smooth with hydraulics. The suspension fork, the shock absorbers, and the front and rear brakes are all hydraulic to adjust to the rider and the terrain.

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This bike from Heybike is a hard worker. The 500-watt motor has a 48-mile range and a top speed of 20 mph. With that kind of speed, you’ll also be thankful it has dual-disc brakes, an integrated headlight and a brake light – all the better to be seen by other vehicles on the road. Those distinctive fat tires are puncture-resistant so don’t be afraid of taking the bike off the road. It’s foldable so you can break it down and store it in a car trunk. And the best news of all? It comes pre-assembled so put your toolbox away.

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MICLON electric bike

Explore the local hills and waterways as trails, gravel, and rocks are tamed under the anti-slip tires of this mountain e-bike. Complete with a Shimano 21-speed gear system, this electric bike gives the rider control not found in most e-bikes. With three convenient riding modes – choose from all manual, fully electric, or pedal assist – this e-bike can reach about 20 miles per hour. Instead of opting for another car, nearly two-thirds of electric bike owners chose an e-bike because of its lower carbon footprint and ease of use. The light, durable aircraft-grade aluminum frame stays strong coming down the mountain, while the front suspension fork takes the bouncing. One charge lasts for about 37 miles of travel on the 350-watt motor and 36-volt battery.

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Grab a pair of the coolest wheels on the street. This electric mountain bike has all the features for comfortable trail rides, beach cruising, and commuting. With Shimano 21-speed gears and 26” nubby traction tires, this e-bike is ready to go over hill and dale. We love how this e-bike has a long range that can take the rider 50 to 60 miles in pedal assist mode. Some of the reasons e-bikes are so popular are not just the environmental and health benefits. They are inexpensive to operate and maintain, and they make it easy to steer clear of traffic. Fully charged in five hours, the 350-watt motor can get up to nearly 20 miles an hour.

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From getting across campus to getting groceries, this portable, foldable e-bike gets the job done and stows in a snap. Weighing about 45 pounds, it’s got 14-inch wheels and an adjustable saddle, so it feels comfortable for the whole family to ride. Charge the 36-volt battery in five to six hours and ride the matte, sky-blue beauty for up to 18 miles. The anti-shock tires and bump handlebars make the rider feel confident commuting, even in drizzly weather. With nearly 300 million e-bike riders worldwide, North American riders choose e-bikes over traditional bicycles for safety, collision avoidance, and ease of use. This mini-city electric bike gets a little over 18 miles per hour using pedal assist mode. With dual LED headlights and disc brakes, this folding e-bike also makes a great gift.

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