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January 17, 2023
Eye cream

The world of beauty is filled with lotions, potions, and a lot of notions about what we ‘need.’ But along with a good sunscreen and moisturizer, a powerful eye cream is a must-have. Specially designed for the thin and delicate skin under the eyes, today’s eye creams have all sorts of ingredients to solve the most common undereye problems. With a range of natural and highly scientific remedies targeted to prevent puffiness and fine lines, here’s where these eye cream choices really shine.

Used by the ancients and found in the over 2,000-year-old Turkish soldier’s tomb, eye cream is not a new concept but has certainly come a long way. Today’s beauty science has crafted thousands of eye creams, each designed to benefit the sensitive undereye skin. While a glance in the mirror can give a place to start when choosing an effective eye cream, these options are loaded with compounds to give your visage just what it needs. Take a closer look at our five favorite picks.

LilyAna Natural Eye Cream

A fountain of youth

This packs some powerful antioxidant Vitamin C and increases blood circulation while protecting delicate skin against sun damage. Amazon

Who doesn’t want to look a little more youthful? Because the skin around the eye is so thin and translucent, it’s one of the first places aging manifests on the face. This eye cream is loaded with all-natural botanicals for brightening the undereye area. Not just with powerful antioxidant (and Hawaii state flower) hibiscus, it’s also loaded with vitamins A, B5, C, and E. These combine to restore skin’s dewiness while protecting from sun and environmental damage. Put on this thick, but light-feeling cream day or night to reduce the look of crow’s feet, dryness, and fine lines. Designed for all skin types, this all-vegan cream skips any added colors, fragrances, or preservatives. Enjoy the anti-aging effects of this 1.7-ounce cream, which lasts about two months.

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Long-lasting choice

It has anti-inflammatory and soothing licorice extract, also shown to reduce redness and blemishes. Amazon

Don’t just use face moisturizer on the delicate eye skin, when this gel eye cream can deliver superior results. Moisturizing with powerful hyaluronic acid, this eye cream gives your skin the nourishment it needs to look its best. As we age, skin loses its elasticity and hyaluronic acid is one of the body’s ways of hydrating its tissues, especially on your largest organ, the skin. If your epidermis is showing, then show it off with this skin-plumping formula. With a long track record, this brand has created dermatologist-tested, sensitive skin solutions for more than 70 years. The 0.5-ounce container hydrates your eye area morning and night.

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Time-lapse technology


The moisture and healing elements of this product help keep skin dewy for up to 24 hours. Amazon

Although every seven to 10 years your skin replaces itself, it regenerates on average every 27 days. This means the need for quality skin care never grows old. This eye cream gives your skin nutrients while helping with dark circles. With a combination of skin soothing niacinamide (a B3 vitamin), moisture delivering hyaluronic acid, and ceramides, this eye cream helps to repair skin. Made of waxy cells known as ceramides, these compounds revitalize the skin’s natural moisture. The soothing aloe, jojoba, and almond oil in this cream also help right where you need it most. MVE (multivesicular emulsion) technology is a delivery system to provide long last hydration to your skin barrier.

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RoC Retinol

Helps toning

This formula penetrates layers of skin to allow the healing ingredients to give optimal results. Amazon

All the skin areas around the eyes have slightly different needs. Just underneath the eyes are layers of skin so thin that some celebrities only apply product with their ring or pinky finger. The area near the nose can be oily, and the outside where the laugh lines form is out in the sun and has different needs. Specially formulated with retinol, this night cream makes lines and sun damage less noticeable after a few months. We love that it’s got SPF, gentle cleaners, and Vitamin C, which is necessary for skin health. Not just for under the eyes, the firming retinol is also great for the neck and hands. By the way, retinol is just a name for Vitamin A1, and it has been shown to support skin collagen to tone the skin.

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Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream for Dark Circles

Go-go glucose

The sugars give cells the food they need and also get lactic acid flowing to balance skin tone. Amazon

Add this eye cream to your daily regimen to watch the skin around your eye area look brighter and smoother. This combination of three powerful ingredients – glucose, hyaluronic acid, and retinol – can work to repair all the eye area needs. The triple threat fades dark spots and nourishes skin so lines and wrinkles are less noticeable. Let the retinol take care of those crow’s feet and the hyaluronic acid hydrate the undereye. The Neutrogena brand has more than 100 years under its belt in engineering dermatologist-proven formulas. This 0.5-ounce repair cream is made especially for healing mature skin.

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