4 Fantastic Floating Islands for Endless Summer Fun

Ever dreamed of owning your own island? Now you can own a floating one. Floating islands have come a long way since inflatables started showing up in the water over 100 years ago. Back then they were designed merely for flotation and safety. Today’s floating islands are a significant upgrade that pump up the fun to new levels, and help you take advantage of warm sandy beaches or lazy river afternoons.

Adding two parts raft and one part chaise lounge, floating islands aren’t just fancy yacht toys anymore. Floating islands make a ride on the river comfortable and relaxing. Kids and their friends love outdoor time on the island, and grown-ups love knowing their youngsters are safe nearby. Better than cool rafts and tubes, once your friends see your new digs, they’ll all want to come over and join the party.

The Works

When ready to climb on, the boarding platforms make it an easy step up.

When packing for a day at the beach, don’t forget this floating island. Popularized in the 1950s when Errol Flynn floated on a bamboo raft, this bright blue and white floating relaxation station has seats for seven. To help your gang stay hydrated, this island has an integrated cooler and six cup holders. At 145 inches by 125 inches and 20 inches deep, this island lounger is fast to inflate with two Boston valves – those one-way valves that have two caps– and this floating island has an anchor for safety. Take a dip and hang out by hanging on to one of the side ropes. Lean back and recline against the built-in backrests or lay down on the integrated bed and just work on your tan.
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Party Pick

Have fun all day with the detachable shade on this island that’s like your own little boat.

Lean or lay back in cushy comfort with this floating island that’s got a little bit of everything. Sit and dangle your feet without worrying about any toe-nibbling aquatic life, as this area is protected by convenient and comfortable mesh. There are natural floating islands, usually made of aquatic plants that shift with the tides and wind. This island has a grab rope all the way around, luxurious backrests, and even a detachable sunshade. Designed to comfortably carry six people (and nearly 1,200 pounds) this raft island is a fantastic way to spend a sunny day on your waterway adventure. Don’t forget the ice because, with lots of cup holders and a built-in cooler, this floating island can change your happy hour into a happy day.
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Luxury Choice

Not even the Big Bad Wolf could huff and puff enough to inflate this sizable floating island, so it comes with an electric inflater.

A super gift for the boater and water sports lovers in your life, this floating island is 15 feet long and six feet wide. A little smaller than the Philippines’ one-acre inflatable water park but full of entertainment value, this island is similar to a floating patio deck. There’s plenty of space for pets, kids, and games as it can carry ten people or 2,000 pounds. The superior craftsmanship on this floating island doesn’t use glue, but instead uses heat to weld the platform’s pieces and multiple D-rings together so it will last for years. The power inflater is preset to deliver 15 PSI of pressure for optimal inflation. There’s also a double-action hand pump, repair patches, and stow straps. It’s got everything you need to take you on a water adventure. A swimming platform makes an ideal place for a floating picnic, or to tie up and set up a tent for a night on the water.
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Sleek Design

A necessity for your party out on the water, this model has a large 16-quart inflatable cooler for use anywhere.

At only 70 pounds, this bright and sporty floating island is our largest at more than 132 square feet. This sturdy, long-lasting PVC-constructed platform is 11.5 feet by 11.5 feet and comfortably holds eight adults. In addition to the eight cup holders, there is ample space to recline and watch the birds and boats float by. With about 3.5 million nature lovers floating on their rafts each year, you’ll make a splash with this big oasis. Easy to inflate and deflate, we love how simple the molded handles make toting this island to the beach or lake. The included PVC anchor bag ensures your little island resort will stay right where you want it.

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