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Who’s ready to party? The fog machine is up and running. Amazon

A fog machine adds a special ambiance all its own to any environment. Whether you want to ramp up the eeriness of a Halloween party, enhance some special staging effects, or add some mystique to a party atmosphere, a fog machine effectively transforms your mood and your surroundings.

What’s great about owning your own is you can use it again and again for a variety of purposes, and using your own fog machine is fairly simple and straightforward. You can create a denser fog for some occasions or a gentle misty look for others. You can create fog inside your venue or use it outdoors. Some machines even come with accessories so you can hang them overhead for an entirely different effect. Mystified which one to choose? We’ve shared our recommendations here.

Smoke Machine, AGPTEK Fog Machine with 13 Colorful LED Lights Effect, 500W and 2000CFM Fog with 1 Wired Receiver and 2 Wireless Remote Controls, Perfect for Wedding, Halloween, Party and Stage Effect

Special effects lighting

It’s easy to use, and within 3-5 minutes you can have it up and running. Amazon

Turn up your party with this fog and light machine combo. This machine has a 500W power rating with an output power that can reach up to 2000 CFM (cubic feet per minute). Just pour the liquid into the tank, install the wireless remote, and turn on the fog machine. You can control it with two different wireless remotes – one for turning the fog on and off, and the other with LED controls to choose from an array of colors. The RGB light effect comes with 13 different colored lights that make your fog look colored as well, as it wafts from your machine. Change it up throughout the party for a festive effect. You’ll feel good knowing the fog is non-toxic and unscented. With an advanced electronic constant temp control system, this model uses 20% less energy than other products.

ADJ Fog Machine, Black (Mister Kool II)

Lightweight model

Its specially designed valves and drainage system make it simple to clean up and avoid spills when emptying it out after your event. Amazon

This compact-sized fog machine creates a thick, low-lying fog that looks authentic for Halloween parties, stage effects, and dance floors. Enhance the atmosphere in a room with this fog machine. No need for dry ice or CO2 tanks. It can warm up in as little as three minutes, so you can start producing fog in no time. It’s built with a 700W heater with a 300 CFM per minute output. Tough and durable, it weighs only 19 pounds. Its built-in carry handle and robust metal chassis make it easy for you to transport this fog machine anywhere you want to heighten the atmosphere.

Fog Machine JDR Smoke Machine Controllable LED Light 400W and 2000CFM Fog Disinfection with Wireless and Wired Remote Control for Weddings, Halloween, Parties or Disinfection, with Fuse Protection

High output

Good for either indoor venues or outdoor activities, it’s designed to last through years of events. Amazon

This fog machine with built-in safety features warms up in as little as 3 minutes. It comes with a 400W motor and an output of 2000 CFM. Its advanced electronic thermostat control system and special piping technology keep the ambiance exactly as you want it. Included are one wired and one wireless remote to control the machine or the multicolored LED lights that add some splash to your atmosphere.


No dry ice

Its ultrasonic agitator converts distilled water into mist. Amazon

This water-based low-lying fog machine from Chauvet DJ is easy to use and creates a thick cloud cover of fog along the floor. Controlled by an onboard digital display, it features a 2-gallon water tank and a 0.9-gallon fog fluid tank, ensuring you’ll get long use out of each refill. The rugged, professional-style flight case makes transportation secure so you won’t worry about it getting damaged on your journey to and from. Another feature we like about this product is the machine is very quiet – it won’t compete with the sounds of your event or interfere if someone should be speaking, which is also great when using the fog machine for theatre purposes.

Colors & Strobe Effect Halloween Fog Machine-Wired and Wireless Remote Control Fog Machine for Halloween Wedding Party

High-end atmosphere

The high-capacity tank means it can go for the duration of your extended event. Amazon

Fire up this fog machine in 15 seconds and get the party started ASAP. With a 900W motor and a 4000CFM output, this fog machine can reach farther and create an epic atmosphere in virtually any kind of space. Its constant temperature control chip helps this machine preheat in about 15 seconds so it will start producing fog in no time, and it has built-in safety features to shut off automatically before the machine would overheat. You control the fog machine with the included remote from up to 10 meters away. Easy to use, press one key to get continuous fog or one key to stop. With its LED lights, you can create seven colors and even a strobe effect for maximum party atmosphere.

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