Choose a Full-Face Snorkel Mask for Underwater Adventures

underwater full-face snorkel mask

Those who visit Florida and the nearby Caribbean are usually gobsmacked by the underwater majesty offered in the warmer waters of the region. The colorful fish and underwater landscape is so much easier to enjoy when snorkeling. If you’re new to the sport of snorkeling or a longtime fan looking for a new twist, consider a full-face snorkel mask. A snorkel mask combines the diving mask and snorkel into a single unit that grabs the face. It can offer a wider view while also eliminating the need for a mouthpiece. In the end, it’s a more relaxing experience. Here are the full-face snorkel masks we recommend.

Superior comfort

The separate breathing chamber in the mask isolates the air from breathing so that the view isn't fogged over.

The big draw here is the “dry top” design of the mask, which utilizes three cseparate air channels to maximize airflow and minimize fogging and gagging. In addition, a hypoallergenic silicone skirt around the mask creates a leak-free environment for your face. The snorkel can fold, which makes it easier to pack in a suitcase. There’s also a removable camera mount above the viewing area so you can record your adventures.

Did you know? Unlike scuba diving, you don’t need special certification to snorkel. If you book a snorkeling trip through a vendor or resort, they might require you to wear a special floatation device or life vest. We also recommend renting fins for your feet – if you don’t own a pair – to help propel you through the water more easily.

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Advanced design

A floating ball inside stops water from entering the mask, making the experience safer and more enjoyable.

Medical-grade silicone makes the difference with this mask from ZIPOUTE. That makes it more suited for those with skin issues and allergies. (Still, we always recommend washing off with fresh water after a snorkeling trip – regardless of allergy challenges.) If you’re trying to decide what size to order, the mask is measured from the bridge of your nose to the bottom of your chi. For 4.72 inches or less, pick the small/medium size. For 4,72 and above, you’ll want the large/extra large model.

Did you know? Historians believe the concept of snorkeling could date back to 350 B.C. when the Greek philosopher Aristotle observed elephants swimming underwater but breathing through their trunks. Leonardo Da Vinci, likewise, had early drawings of a man swimming underwater with a curved pipe for breathing. The Italian artist also sketched an early rendition of a diving suit.

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Safe and durable

A dual-channel system sends exhaled air out in a different route, so it won't condense and fog up your vision.

When we tout this mask from DIVELUX for its “natural feel,” what do we mean? There’s an enlarged outlet valve on the top of the mask unit that expels the carbon dioxide quickly so each breathe you take is fresher. In addition, there are separate channels for inhaling and exhaling so you feel like you’re breathing more freely. A floating ball in the tube keeps water out until surfacing so breathe with ease.

Did you know? The word “snorkeling” comes from the German word “Schnorchel,” loosely translated as “air intake.” Did you also know that early submarines got their fresh air from a tube without surfacing

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Breathe Freely

It has three separate air channels - an intermediate air intake and outlets on both sides - to ensure fresh air with every breath.

This snorkel mask from W WSTOO is ideal for beginners. The panoramic view offers a clear view. A removable camera mount provides options for recording your underwater journeys. It also features an enlarged silicone skirt for better leakage protection. Even experienced snorkelers will find a lot to love with this setup.

Did you know? Unlike with scuba diving, you’re safe to fly after a snorkeling trip. Because scuba drivers breathe compressed air and usually swim at greater depths than snorkelers, they’re required to wait at least 24 hours before air travel. With snorkeling, the air isn’t compressed so feel free to snorkel and fly in the same day.

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Starting a great hobby

The adjustable headband means the mask can continued to be used as your child grows. The cute snark-style modeling is a bonus.

This mask from Zipoute Snorkel offers a folding tube design with 180-degree panoramic viewing. Liquid silicone construction means it won’t irritate young skin. It’s also lightweight so it can be worn with ease by children. Measure your child’s face from the eyebrow to the bottom of the chin. For faces 8.5 to 10 centimeters, this is the right-sized mask.

Did you know? Experts say that a child should be comfortable in the water before taking on snorkeling. Age-wise, 5-year-olds are about the right age. Try using the mask with kids in a pool first before tackling open water. And always plan to have them wear a life vest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a full-face snorkel mask?
Unlike a traditional snorkel mask, a full-face mask surrounds your entire face from the top of the forehead to the chin. The snorkel doesn’t have to be inserted in the mouth – it’s built into the top of the mask.

Who should use a full-face snorkel mask?
Full-face masks are designed for casual swimmers who are just beginning to enjoy the underwater world. They’re not meant for free diving. They’re meant to be used on the surface of the water. They work well for swimmers of all ages.

What if I wear prescription glasses?
Full-face snorkel masks aren’t designed to accommodate glasses. For those who have vision challenges, it’s recommended to speak to your eye doctor about custom-made prescription lenses for any snorkeling mask.

Can I go underwater with a full-face snorkel mask?
You shouldn’t submerge entirely while wearing a full-face mask. They’re not designed to be underwater because expelling the water that enters through the snorkel would be a challenge. If you intend to dive underwater, you should consider a standard mask and snorkel.

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