Best Humidifiers for 2023


January 17, 2023
humidifier in child's room

We all want our homes and work areas to be as comfortable as possible. Aside from creature comforts, one of the best ways to create a pleasant environment is by treating the biggest area of the room – the air you breathe. Patented in the mid-1950s, the aptly named humidifier adds humidity to your space. First used in hospitals, science now says that increasing humidity has a number of health benefits, including helping you avoid the flu, since that virus likes dry conditions.

For both health and beauty, humidifiers have plenty to contribute. Health professionals believe keeping moisture in the air can alleviate sore throats, congestion, and allergies. Keeping your skin dewy and not dried out is one of the principles to fight aging and wrinkles.

While there are hundreds of choices and styles of humidifiers, we chose all ultrasonic humidifiers, because the emitted water droplets are very small – so small that about 70 of them could fit into a cross-section of a human hair strand. All humidifiers need to be cleaned regularly to avoid spreading any dirty particles such as mold into your surroundings. When you’re ready to make your habitat a little more humid, here are our favorite humidifiers.

AquaOasis™ Cool Mist Humidifier

Large reservoir

The large 2.2 liter – a little over a half gallon – water tank adds humidity for 24 hours. Amazon

Do you wake up in the night and need a drink of water? Does your mouth, nose or skin feel dry when you awaken in the morning? You may need a humidifier in your home, not just for comfort but to make your house a little healthier. It seems counterintuitive, but increasing humidity is great for your sinuses and nasal passages. This humidifier is fully adjustable, not only the level of water vapor added to the area, but the nozzle also rotates in a complete circle. The quiet motor makes this appliance a good choice for the nursery or kid’s rooms. We love that it automatically shuts off when the reservoir is empty. Use distilled water in this humidifier and clean it with the included cleaning brush.

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LEVOIT Humidifier

Hard-working sensor

This system keeps your home from getting too moist. Its large reservoir is easy to access at the top, and there’s no spilling or leaking. Amazon

The sensor on this smart device helps keeps things just right. It adds humidity when your air’s moisture falls under 40 percent, and stops adding water vapor when it reaches over 50 percent. Your plants will love it, too. This large room humidifier is a multitasker. First, it listens. Yes, just connect it to your Cortana, Alexa, or Google Assistant and tell it how to adjust the humidity. Add some orange essential oil for a little invigoration while cleaning, or some relaxing lavender oil at night – this humidifier functions as a great aromatherapy diffuser. Let the humidifier help quiet snoring. Snoring gets louder when the air is dry and the throat swells, reducing airflow.

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Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Perfect for small spaces This BPA-free model is simple to fill and shuts off automatically when out of water.

Perfect for small spaces This BPA-free model is simple to fill and shuts off automatically when out of water. Amazon

Have you heard the expression “it isn’t the heat, it’s the humidity?” That’s because humid air feels warmer. So don’t just have the humidifier running with the air conditioner (that actually pulls moisture from the air), but run it with the heater to keep things feeling toasty. This little ultrasonic humidifier has a high and low setting, as well as a rotating nozzle for just the right amount of mist. The 1.5-liter tank is small enough to fit on your nightstand or bedside table and can run all night quietly (and all day).

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GENIANI Top Fill Cool Mist Humidifiers

Twice as filling

The design of this humidifier allows it to be filled directly from the tap, or pop off the lid and pour in distilled water. Amazon

Dressed in black, this 4-liter – just a little over a gallon – ultrasonic humidifier has a sensor to keep your bedroom, office, or living area perfectly moist. Helpful for those with allergies and other breathing issues, the added humidity can soothe nasal passages. The little light can be used as a nightlight, too. Add some essential oils to the specialized pad and make your area smell great while relieving dry sinus passages. Wooden floors, furniture, and musical instruments are affected by humidity and can split or get damaged in dry air. With four mist settings and a smart mode to keep your home’s humidity ideal, this humidifier makes a great housewarming, baby shower, or graduation gift.

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Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for Bedroom

Large capacity

With a large 1.6-gallon water tank and a 500-square-foot range, this unit is small in size and big on power. Amazon

Say no to filters and yes to a diffuser and ultrasonic humidifier combination. We love how nearly silent – under 30 decibels – this humidifier is. While hospitals keep preemies in 60 percent humidity, set the humidity level to about 50 to 55 percent for babies and toddlers. This also helps keep viruses and allergens away. With a six-liter capacity that can run for over two days without refilling, this humidifier provides soothing moist air for those who suffer from dry skin or lips. Conveniently there’s no filter to clean, maintain or replace. The essential oil tray makes it easy to add aromatherapies while keeping the water pristine.

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