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Get your morning cup of jolt with these travel-friendly coffee sticks.

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These clever packets deliver great flavor and convenience. Amazon

The instant coffee market is growing by billions of dollars a year, to reach around $36 billion in 2020. That’s because coffee packets give you a tasty cup of coffee in as little time as it takes to heat the water.

Instant coffee is popular around the world, surprisingly even in traditional tea-drinking regions like China, Japan, Europe, and Turkey. If you’re looking for the simplest coffee solution for home, office, college dorm, or campsite, grab a few of our favorite instant coffee sticks for convenience any time of the night or day.

Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee—Medium Roast Coffee—Pike Place Roast—100% Arabica—1 box (50 packets)

Ethically sourced

These sticks are sourced from environmentally friendly and conservation-minded farms. Amazon

Coffee is enjoyed across the globe, but since the 2000s, the coffee industry has boomed: from the popularity of coffee shops, to the grocer’s bottled blends, to individual coffee cups, and the fastest way to a rich cuppa – instant sticks. Starbucks’ most popular medium blend, Pike’s Place Roast, combines nutty notes with hints of chocolate. Not only do these instant coffee packets give you a great cup of coffee, but they are also the secret weapon of many a chef who appreciate how easy it is to add the flavor to ice cream, mousse, cakes, and frostings. This 50-count package gives you enough to put a few in your camping crate or RV.

Intelligentsia, Instant Coffee - Instant Coffee - 5 Single Serve Sachets (1 Box of 5 Packets), House Blend, Direct Trade
This lovely red box makes five cups of amazing full-bodied brew in just seconds. Amazon

Instant coffee has come a long way from the days of clumpy coffees many of us recall. Today’s coffee sticks are actually made from real coffee. There are two processes for producing today’s instant coffee. One is where the coffee is spray-dried. This is a process where coffee is cooked down to a concentrate and then sprayed into a 480 degree F. area that evaporates all the water, just leaving instant coffee crystals. Or it can be freeze-dried, where it’s chilled to lower and lower temperatures, making pieces of frozen coffee that are dried to remove the ice. All that’s left is instant coffee. These five House Blend packets by Intelligentsia contain a rich instant coffee with notes of chocolate, mandarin, and apple.

Maxpresso, 3-in-1 Korean Instant Coffee Mix, 100 Sticks

Espresso style

Known as three-in-one, this product has coffee, cream, and sugar for a full espresso flavor. Amazon

Crafted in Korea for decades, these coffee packets still are all the rage. Made from freeze-dried coffee, these complete coffee sticks have depth of flavor and aroma. You can appreciate all those coffee notes with the espresso-style packets that only use 2.5 ounces of water to enjoy. We love that the packets are divided so you can add as much sugar or non-dairy creamer as you desire. The creamer is crafted from coconut oil, known for containing healthy fatty acids and antioxidants. Enjoy a rich, creamy espresso on the go or on the couch with this package of 100 coffee sticks.

Beanies 50 Coffee Sticks, Mixed Blends; instant flavored coffee

Not sweetened, just flavored

Enjoy your morning with the bright colors and bold flavors of these instant coffee sticks. Amazon

From pour-over, French Press, or a countertop coffee maker, traditional coffee grounds are a mess to deal with. With 50 coffee sticks in five flavors, let Beanie blend instant coffee sticks take coffee brewing off your to-do list. Choose from Hazelnut, Amaretto Almond, Caramel, Double Chocolate, and Irish Cream flavors. Or grab one out of the box and surprise yourself with a flavored coffee each morning or an afternoon treat. Containing just a little less caffeine than a regular cup of coffee, with instant coffee packets it’s easy and fun to have a cuppa on the road, at the office, or on the couch.

NESCAFE Taster's Choice, House Blend Light Medium Roast Instant Coffee, 12 boxes (72 packets)

Pour, stir, and enjoy

Easy and satisfying, these are the fastest way to sip a tasty cup of coffee. Amazon

Are you a morning person? Is making coffee a tough task first thing in the morning? Then you’ll love these light-to-medium House Blend instant coffee packets. With 72 cups of coffee just hot water, a spoon, and a mug away, your morning routine has just gotten easier and neater. In only ten minutes you can even make a whipped coffee. All you need is two tablespoons each of instant coffee, granulated sugar, hot water, and one cup of milk or milk alternative. Simply whip the water, coffee, and sugar until frothy then spoon it over a tall glass with ice and milk. Stir it up and sip your own incredible smooth and sweet coffee drink, and you can skip the coffee shop.

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