Best Instant Green Teas in 2023

hot instant tea

Hot or cold, green tea is one of the healthiest drinks around. Next to water, tea is the most popular beverage in the world. You can trace its origins back to about 2700 B.C. when the Chinese emperor drank water with a tea leaf in it – and he liked it. (Cue light bulb moment.)

Easier than brewing, instant green tea is always ready to deliver flavor and those rich compounds that benefit your body. Actually, instant green tea is brewed before it’s concentrated, dried, and then made into powder. Next time it’s tea time wherever you are, try one of our favorite instant green tea blends.


They say it’s a “match-a” made in heaven, but we love the mix of vitamins, matcha, and moringa. Their ceremonial grade matcha has more caffeine than regular green tea, since bright green matcha grows in the shade for a month before the leaves are plucked. Moringa, discovered before the tea, is nicknamed ‘The Miracle Tree’ because of its broad health benefits. Add in a blend of B vitamins and you’ve got all you need for a quick, energizing beverage. This package of 24 single-serving sticks are vegan, keto, and paleo-friendly, too.

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waka tea

This economical 4.5-ounce bag of instant green tea makes about 200 mugs of delicious tea. Put a pinch in your cup or mix it into smoothies, fruit teas, and iced teas, too. With this premium mix of teas from Kenya and China, you only need ¼ teaspoon with your water. Kenyan green tea actually has a hint of purple in it, giving it even more antioxidant properties, while Chinese green teas – the oldest tea type – are known for their nutty notes. The container zips closed to keep your stash fresh for months.

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cusa tea

These world tea champions have blended lots of flavor and healthy antioxidants into this package of 10 luxury instant tea packets. This organic tea has six times the polyphenols as tea-bag tea. Polyphenols are powerful chemicals that naturally occur in all teas, especially green tea, and help reduce inflammation. All their certified organic tea blends, even their spice and fruit teas, have no added anything – no sugar and no preservatives. Mixing in seconds, just shake with ice water for a refreshing beverage.

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lipton tea packets

Get the flavor of summer anytime with what might become your new instant green tea blend. Do you know how some teas can leave a bitter aftertaste? Infused with dark blackberry, bright pomegranate, and a touch of honey, this instant tea is so refreshing. That’s because everything is real – real fruit, real honey, real tea leaves. Each of the six packages has 10 to-go packets, so there’s plenty to whip up sumptuous iced tea at home and keep a package at the office.

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sencha green tea

Direct from Japan, the green tea central, comes this 100 percent organic green tea blend of Sencha, Konacha, and Sushicha that’s grown on one plantation. Promptly after harvest, the tea leaves are steamed to stop them from oxidizing and to preserve their health benefits and tea essence. This healthy beverage isn’t just good for improving both digestion and cognitive function – with Vitamin A, C, and E – but with its antifungal and antibacterial traits, it’s even good for a foot bath. We prefer to put a ¼ teaspoon of this 80-gram bag of tea in our cups, and then enjoy a drink we can feel good about.

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