Best Low-Acid Coffee in 2023


If you love the taste of coffee and can’t imagine living without it, but the acidity doesn’t love you back, help is here. A variety of low-acid coffees are coming on the market to the cheers of coffee lovers everywhere.

Regular acidic coffee brings a host of unpleasant side effects. It stains and erodes tooth enamel, irritates intestinal lining – something especially detrimental to IBS or ulcer sufferers – and even causes unwanted laxative effects. We love coffee anyway, so we put up with the downsides. Now we don’t have to.

The new low-acid brews are far gentler on digestive systems, providing that jolt of caffeine and flavor for coffee lovers with a sensitive stomach, or anyone who wants to cut their acidity levels for the health benefits. These low acid blends are also less damaging to your teeth than their highly acidic counterparts.

VitaCup coffee

Take a sip of this cuppa joe and you won’t even realize you’re drinking something that’s good for you. Smooth in texture and not compromising anything in flavor, you’ll warm right up to this low acid coffee with a robust, ever so slightly chocolatey taste. It’s Fair Trade and certified USDA organic with no mycotoxins, so you can feel good that it’s chemical-free and mold-free. (They don’t tell you those things can be found in typical coffee.) The 18-count box of VitaCup pods is recyclable and BPA-free. Research suggests that the lesser roasting time used to curate low acid coffee produces a greater amount of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties in your serving. Compatible with all Keurig K-cup brewers. What’s not to love?

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Stone Street Coffee Company is a small batch roaster from Brooklyn, New York, creating artisanal coffee since 2009. Their low acid Breakfast Blend made from Arabica beans is formulated for a smooth, balanced texture and slightly sweet flavor crafted for cold brews. Coarse grind this 2-pound bag of beans to use in your coffee maker, French press, or even a pitcher or mason jar. Stone Street’s cold brew comes in a three-layer natural kraft bag for freshness and recycling. Did you know the historic Boston Tea Party contributed to the rise of coffee’s popularity in the early United States? After news of the famous event spread, it became deemed unpatriotic to drink tea in the colonies. Americans quickly began trading in tea leaves for the coffee bean, and the rest is history.

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Lifeboost coffee

Free of everything objectionable you can imagine, all that remains is a cup of coffee Lifeboost is so sure you’ll love, they guarantee its taste or your money back. Don’t worry about decaf chemicals here – they use a natural Swiss water process to make their coffee beans unleaded. USDA-certified organic, and third-party tested to ensure your cup is free of heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins, and 400 other possible contaminants, decaf coffee doesn’t get any healthier than this. Lifeboost also carries a leaded version for those who depend on that morning jolt. It seems the popularity of coffee houses is nothing new, dating back to the 1700s when they’ve been called “the earliest version of the internet.” Men hatched all sorts of political plots and business deals there. Lloyds of London was founded in a coffee house. Bach and Beethoven penned some of their great masterpieces in the coffee house. Bach even wrote an opera about coffee entitled, “The Coffee Cantata.”

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HealthWise low acid coffee

Offered in grounds for your brewing system or pods for your Keurig, this low-acid coffee is gluten-free, allergen-free, and kosher. Engineered to go easy on your stomach, it still delivers a hearty flavor with distinctly sweet and nutty tones. Healthwise uses its own proprietary process called “technoroasting” to reduce bitterness and acidity while preserving all the good vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant content. Their natural process is free of additives, using an Arabica bean from Colombia called the Colombian Supremo bean, known to be larger and full in flavor. While everyone can enjoy coffee today, in the 1700s women weren’t allowed to patronize the coffee house establishments. In retaliation, women launched a propaganda campaign claiming that coffee was making all the men impotent.

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Clean Coffee

The most expensive coffee ever purchased on record went for $4,535 per pound at an auction in Panama in 2019. A special micro-lot green coffee, it sold for $10,000 per kilo. A 20-gram cup of this brew would cost well over $300 per cup. Fortunately, you don’t have to fork over that kind of money for an excellent cup of joe. Brought to you from the nutrient-rich volcanic soil at high elevations in Papua, New Guinea, Clean Coffee serves up a healthful morning cup that contains no pesticides or agrichemicals, and is tested against 150 types of toxins. Their beans are hand sorted, washed three times, and sundried to create a naturally low acid pH balance without any treatment process. Their blend is high in the anti-inflammatory antioxidant CGA, known to help detoxify your body and fight disease, lower blood pressure, and even reduce the risk of heart disease. With a resume like that, let’s make it two cups.

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