Best Outdoor Sheds in 2023


January 17, 2023
Outdoor shed

Tired of stashing those fresh grass clippings in the garage? Or rummaging through all the garden implements to find the round point shovel? Outdoor sheds are the answer to all kinds of gardening, toy, tool, and household storage needs. Attractive and designed to stay strong through all seasons and weather, outdoor sheds come in a variety of sizes.

From compact sheds to help you straighten up and organize your apartment patio, or even sizable enough to store tractors and farm tools, sheds are a cost-effective way to maximize your home’s outdoor storage needs. Let us shed a little light on choosing your best outdoor shed.

Rubbermaid Small Vertical Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Garden Storage Shed

Floor included

Don’t worry about uneven or bumpy bases with this number. Your tools or toys will be safe and secure. Amazon

At nearly seven feet high, and with extra depth so even the lawn mower – with the bag off – can fit in the 31-inch deep shed, this little dynamo is perfect for under the deck or on the side of the house. While outdoor sheds used to be something our parents and grandparents had, lately those under 25 years old are the biggest shed purchasers. Made with two thick resin walls, the 53 cubic feet of storage is ready to fit with shelves and hooks. The olive tone allows this shed to blend into any yard or garden. Weighing 120 pounds, it’s weather, leak, and dent resistant and easy to set up.

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KETER Manor 4x6 Resin Outdoor Storage Shed

Attractive window design

The waterproof and UV-protected unit also has a vent on the front to keep air flowing and keep mold and mildew out. Amazon

Sheds are not just a storage place, especially if they are as well-equipped as this shed. Rudyard Kipling, David Henry Thoreau, and Agatha Christie wrote some of their finest pieces from their wood sheds. While this shed isn’t wood, it looks like wood but is crafted from a much more durable grey and white resin. The interior is nearly four feet wide and about six feet deep, and nearly 75 inches tall, so it’s great for patio and seasonal furniture storage. With a window and a skylight, this outdoor shed is spacious enough to be a she or he shed.

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Lifetime 60127 20 x 8 Ft. Outdoor Storage Shed

Full package

This is a complete storehouse solution with a shelf, 18 hooks, and even two tool storage bags. Amazon

Active families and regular outdoor party hosts can all use a way to be more organized. This sand-hued outdoor shed checks all the boxes, as it’s 20 feet long and eight feet wide and ready to provide spacious storage. The word shed is a 15th-century Anglo-Saxon word for shade, and this shed can really throw some shade. Built from strong weatherproof resin, it’s got two skylights, two windows with shutters, two sets of doors, and attractive corner trim work. The double walls and roof are steel reinforced for long life. It even has a snow load kit so you don’t need to worry about shoveling the shed.

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Rubbermaid Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Storage Shed

Easy assembly

The updated design has easy-to-access attachments with one-third fewer pieces. Amazon

This outdoor shed is the perfect size for gardeners. The seven-foot square size is ideal for mowers and yard tools, soil, and trash cans. The doors open all the way so getting lawn care and landscaping tools in and out is a snap. Did you remember that in 1994, David Hahn, known as the Radioactive Boy Scout, was found trying to build a nuclear reactor in his backyard shed? We aren’t suggesting using a shed for anything but storage. The gray and onyx-colored resin won’t rust or rot, and the roof and walls are designed to be stronger in windy, rainy, and snowy weather. Plus it has rain gutters and the vents ensure good airflow.

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Heavy-duty construction

It’s rugged so it’s ideal for storing chainsaws, mowers, hoses, and power tools. Amazon

Gardening is a rewarding hobby with an assortment of problems to solve, and finding your tools should not be a problem. That’s why investing in a heavy-duty, 8-foot by 6-foot gardening shed is a great, all-season solution. Maintenance-free, this outdoor shed has a coating on it to keep it from getting scratched or dented. We love the extra height of this galvanized steel shed with walls that are 65” and it is higher in the middle. The center has waterproof gables designed to keep rain and snow out while letting air circulate in the utility shed. While this shed doesn’t have wheels or an engine, the fastest shed in the world does. Yes, there are actually garden shed races, and the fastest entry so far can travel at nearly 115 miles per hour.

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