Swap Your Luggage for These Packing Cubes

While traveling is an adventure, often packing your suitcase or duffle bag is, too. The solution? Packing cubes to the rescue. Indispensable for organizing your suitcase, you’ll want to invest in a set of these even if you’ve decided to skip checking a bag. Not only do they keep all your clothes and travel essentials organized during travel, they also allow jet setters to fit up to three times more in their carry-ons or backpacks – a significant difference when you’re debating what to bring and what to leave behind.

When they came on the scene in the late 1990s, packing cubes were a novelty for the savviest globetrotter. Available in lots of colors and sizes, packing cubes – sometimes known as travel cubes – are a fantastic and easy-to-pack gift for budding travelers and seasoned sightseers alike. They don’t just make packing easier, they also make unpacking a snap. With viewing windows to see what’s inside and an orderly arrangement in your suitcase, finding that item you’re looking for is a no-brainer.

At the end of the trip, simply use a few for your laundry to keep dirty clothes away from the clean ones. When you’re not on the road, packing cubes are a smart solution to messy drawers and closets. When you’re ready to tame your tote or clutter, check out our five favorite packing cube sets.

All the extras

Skip the shopping bags for stashing sandy shoes and messy laundry.

There’s nothing like travel. Did you know there are more than 220,000 islands to explore in Sweden alone? When you get to wherever you’re going, it’s time to open up that luggage and see where everything landed. But if you’ve used this set of six Veken packing cubes, all your belongings will be perfectly in place. No messes, fewer wrinkles. The thicker-than-most 230 denier nylon fabric used in these four assorted size cubes makes them durable enough for years of adventure. The extra large bag is great for sweaters, coats, beach towels, and gifts for your host. The smaller sizes keep shirts, socks, and toiletries easy to find and easy to unpack. We love that these cubes – and the laundry and shoe bags – are crafted to be waterproof, too. Great for beach days or hiking excursions that turn rainy. You’ll appreciate keeping wet clothes or soiled shoes separate from your clean outfits. These packing gems come in seven colors and four fun prints.
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Complete package

Designed for seasoned travelers, or those who want to look the part, these will keep your wardrobe organized and wrinkle-free.

This packing cube set has you covered from A to Toes. The shoe and cosmetic bags make this eight-piece set stand out. The thick and sturdy sides on this good-sized bag – nearly eight inches by 12 inches – ensure your Jimmy Choo’s can travel in style. The cream color with a geometric pattern gives these cubes a classy look, but they’re available in a dozen other bright colors. Along with the extra-large, large, and medium-sized bags, the small bag assortment makes keeping track of all your little items a zip. There’s a small dainties bag and a sock bag, but a great idea is to combine those two and use the sock bag for plugs, cords, and cables for your technology. While phone and peripheral chargers are the most often forgotten travel item, travel cubes are the perfect hack to help you keep them packed.
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Mesh top design

When back home, use these to store seasonal items like wool socks and sweaters.

Travel is filled with adventure and a little uncertainty. These packing cubes make great use of space in your luggage. With a medium size, two large, and one extra large (at 15 inches wide, 12 inches high, and 2 inches deep), these back and mesh zip-close cubes make you feel like a first-class traveler. While we all might appreciate a trip to Ponce DeLeon’s mystical Fountain of Youth, there really is a free fountain of wine to visit. Located near Rome, the town of Ortona features a public wine fountain. Have a few stops on your itinerary? Divide your items by destination on a multiple-stop trip. The sturdy, ergonomically designed zippers make it easy to access your clothing without pulling or damage.
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Perfect for a carry-on

From weekend getaways to visiting friends and family, this collection keeps you and your suitcase in ship shape.

Actually designed to fill a 25-inch suitcase, these three packing cubes – one small, one medium, and one large – are accompanied by a lingerie bag, a toiletry bag, and a laundry bag. All made from waterproof pink nylon and mesh tops, these travel cubes will make you feel organized on the road. Available in five other pastel colors, they are perfect for camping and backpacking adventures. Taking a trek to the Big Apple and the most visited spot on the earth, Times Square? The sturdy double-stitched design combined with two zippers makes it simple to access your belongings. And the see-through mesh top makes it easy to find your things at a glance. Keep a set in the RV and another on the boat. You can use them for sorting and storing seasonal items. Also great for organizing table linens.
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Something for everyone

These are thoughtfully designed with the savvy adventurer in mind and include an electronics bag.

While science says the most satisfying part of travel is the planning and anticipation, at the end of a stressful travel day, there’s something rewarding about opening up your luggage to the ease of absolute organization. Complete with two laundry bags, this set of eight packing cubes is ready to roll along in your carry-on. Making it easy to sort your clothing and travel items, there is a small, medium, and large set of travel cubes, in addition to the separate make-up, toiletry, shoe, and electronics bag. The beige set blends with any luggage, but there are also a dozen other colors to choose from. With the numerous size and style options in this set, it’s easy to use them for the traveler’s needs. Campers may choose to use a few for first aid, snacks, and emergency supplies. Cruisers may choose to use a few for travel cushions, headphones, and the all-important overnight ‘just in case the checked bag does not arrive’ essentials.
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