Best Pencil Cases for School for 2023

Pencil case

No matter how advanced technology gets in the classroom, there probably will never be a replacement for the pencil case. These simple but highly functional pouches protect your pencils – and your other supplies – from dust, scratches and breaks. Plus, they’re versatile. Use them to carry other supplies, personal electronics, keys and even makeup or a smartphone when not in class. Here are our favorite pencil pouches.

EASTHILL Big Capacity Pencil Pen Case

Room for everything

There’s space here for any writing instrument you have along with small stationery, erasers and more. Amazon

Wow, this is nicer than some of the full-size luggage I own. At 8.66 x 4.13 x 2.56 inches, it can accommodate 50 pens or 90 pencils. It’s made from high-quality canvas with mesh to separate the compartments. By the way, the word “pencil” comes from the Latin word “penicillus,” meaning “a little tail.” That’s because brushes made from camel hair were used for writing before the modern pencil was invented.

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cicimelon pencil case

Lightweight and durable

It offers superior protection against dust and scratches and keeps your writing tools safe from breakage. Amazon

This pencil case from CiciMelon comes in seven shades, but we like this green look. Why? You’ll never misplace something that stands out so much. This case features strong metal zippers that are easy to grip. There’s room for 50 pens or pencils inside the three compartments. In the days of the Roman Empire, pencils more resembled the modern-day stylus – a thin metal stick that was used for scratching words on papyrus or wax tablets.

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HVOMO Pencil Case

Sophisticated inner compartment

If you have it on your desk, there’s room for it in this case – even space for scissors, staplers and a ruler. Amazon

When I first saw this, I thought it was my weekend bathroom travel bag because the design is so similar. Unlike competing pouches, which tend to lay flat, this bag opens from the top and side, offering a cavernous space for supplies. It’s also washable, so no need to replace it once it grows too dirty. By the did you know that – on average – a pencil can be sharpened 17 times, draw a line 35 miles long and can write about 45,000 words? Write that down.

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Sooez High Capacity Pencil Pen Case

Strap it in

The organization inside this bag is impressive, with elastic straps ready to secure any tool. Amazon

This is the biggest pencil pouch we’ve ever seen, with room to hold more than 100 pens or pencils. Throw a calculator in there, a pencil sharpener, some gum (don’t chew it in class), and you’re good to go. A scientist named Nicolas-Jacques Conté, serving in the French army of Napoleon Bonaparte, is credited as being the inventor of the modern-day pencil. English graphite was the substance used for writing tools at the time, but because France was at war with England and supples were scarce, Conté created a mixture of clay and graphite that remains in use to this day.

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Pencil Pouch 3 Ring

Color me nostalgic if you wish, but this pencil pouch from TopWoozu reminds of the one I used back in the ’70s and early ’80s. Backpacks were certainly NOT cool at that time, so you carried your binders and books from home to the bus and then to the classic. This pencil case is designed to snap into any standard 3-ring binder. It’s made from a premium canvas material so it will certainly last longer than the ones I used.

Buy Now: Pencil Pouch 3 Ring, Zipper Pencil Pouches Case Binder Cosmetic Bag Black 2 Pack

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