Best Pool Lounge Floats for 2023

Pool Lounge Float

What’s more iconic to summer than lounging in a pool on a comfy float, with sunglasses on and an icy cold drink in hand? When it comes to relaxing in the pool, whether you’re a kid or kid-at-heart, the pool lounge float is a must in the scenario. From do-it-yourself inflatables to simple noodles, to the giant statement makers that require an air pump, you can find just about any kind of pool lounging apparatus your heart desires. You can choose from a range of aquatic creatures to kid’s tubes with squirt guns to upscale lounging devices that support a couple or an entire party.

Most pool lounge floats are made of vinyl – which needs to be inflated manually or with an air pump – or from foam, like your typical noodle which needs no inflating. The downside to the vinyl styles is the time and energy it takes to inflate them, but they can be stored more easily when not in use. Foam is easy and durable but takes up more storage space. There’s something about using a lounging float that elevates your pool experience to feel a little more luxurious. Make time for the simple pleasures in life. Indulge in one of these favorites.

Aqua Campania

Great extras

Recline in comfort with this 2-position option that cradles you as you sit back or lie down to work on your tan. Amazon

“Mae West” was a common nickname for the first inflatable life preserver, which was patented in 1928. You’ll want to stay afloat for long stretches on this reclining pool float from Campania. Its adjustable cushioned backrest supports you in a reclined upright position, or remove one cushion and you can lie down flat to soak up the sun. We love the attachable floating caddy that holds drinks, snacks, or keeps other items handy like suntan lotion. When not filled with beverages, use the floating caddy as a drifter. In cheery tropical navy hibiscus, this wire-free lounger is made of soft “coolweave” fabric with mesh covers designed to keep you chill. With 20 percent thicker material than most other pool floats, it’s durable and holds individuals up to 250 pounds. Carrying handles make it a breeze to tote to and from the pool.

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Swimways lounger

Folds up in one step

The patented valve inflates three times faster so you spend more time relaxing. Amazon

You’ll enjoy hours of lounging pleasure on this floating recliner, with its comfy fabric-covered inflatable backrest and built-in cup holder to keep your cold beverage ready. At 55 inches long, the built-in ottoman lets you rest your feet or dangle them in the cool water as you float your cares away. Its hyper-flate valve inflates three times faster than other models, so you get to the pool that much sooner. A patented inner spring ensures stability around the outer edge to avoid tipping in the water. You’re only going in if you decide to make a splash. We like the quick fold-up feature and included carry bag with shoulder strap. Perhaps the most outlandish float to date is known as Unicornzilla – the world’s largest inflatable floating unicorn. At a staggering 49 feet high, it accommodates 50 people. Guests can bounce on its giant trampoline, or slide down its waterslide tail into the ocean. Formerly featured at Asia’s largest floating island water park in the Philippines, Unicornzilla was recently relocated to Sydney Harbor in Australia.

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Kai shelf lounger

Holds all your accessories

Keep your smartphone dry and stream some music while you recline in this stay-in-the-shallows float. Amazon

If you’re especially fond of the oversized flotation loungers, resist the temptation to take them out on the ocean when you’re beachgoing. Since their rise in popularity, there’s been a significant increase in the need for ocean rescues, coming to aid loungers who were swept out to sea. The tall features can act as a sail and carry you away quickly. You won’t worry about going anywhere you shouldn’t in these Kai shelf loungers, designed to provide the ultimate relaxation experience as you lounge in place on a tanning shelf – those shallow areas in a pool where you can sit back and chill in a few inches of cool water. They’re made of polyethylene plastic known for its durability and resistance to fading – it’s UV20+ material can withstand more than 20,000 hours in the direct sun. Ergonomically designed for luxurious reclining comfort, you can store your drink and your cell phone in dedicated holders, or listen to music as you find your Zen. A tiny drain port prevents water or debris from collecting in your chair while you relax in the shallows. Safe to use in saltwater or chlorine pools.

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Jasonwell Inflatable Float

Most spacious

Enjoy this with or without a body of water because it doubles as a pool of its own. Amazon

Floating has become an activity of choice in many day spas. Lie back in a pool filled with 1,400 pounds of Epsom salts in 12 inches of water, and you experience more buoyancy than floating in the famed Dead Sea. Supporters claim it helps with everything from lowering blood pressure to improving sleep while boosting magnesium levels in your nervous system. You can have your own mini pool, lounge float, raft, tanning bed, or ball pit with this spacious flotation device by Jasonwell. Ease yourself onto a comfy base of ribbed air cushions with an inflatable pillow to support your neck, and float around the pool with ease. Your side cup holder will keep you hydrated as you absorb the rays. At a generous 71 inches long and 48 inches wide, you can fill it with water and use it as a kiddie pool. Or adorn it with colorful plastic spheres and turn it into a ball pit. It’s equally fun out on the lake as a raft. With wraparound ropes you can tie it to a dock or another float. It’s made from thick but soft raft-grade material that’s easy to wipe down, deflate, and store.

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Aqua 4-in-1

Traditional look

Never mind that coarse material found in traditional options – this one is made of 50 percent soft vinyl and 50 percent soft mesh. Amazon

What says summer more than kicking back in a colorful striped hammock? You won’t have to find any place to hang this one. It provides its own seat and free floats in the pool or ocean, while you forget your cares and let the hammock do all the work. Ideal for people between four and six feet tall, it’s also great for seniors and expectant mothers. You can lie back or sit in the middle to stay afloat. It’s up to 70 percent thicker than other hammock pool floats for hours of relaxation. It’s also great support for free motion water aerobics. This floating hammock holds up to 250 pounds and rolls up to fit in totes and carry-ons. Did you know the simple noodle is one of the most popular flotation devices? Between six and eight million are sold every year. When not used at the pool, they serve as a popular material in craft projects.

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