Win Valentine’s Day with these Romantic Gifts for Men

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Neckties are wonderful, but your boyfriend or husband probably has enough. Sure, that NFL hoodie he’s been eyeing also makes for an easy romantic gift, but let’s take a leap here and find the perfect idea he wasn’t expecting. Here are our ideas of great romantic gifts for the man in your life.

Cosmetasa Sore Muscle Massage Oil with Massage Ball Roller

Rubbing the right way

Sweet almond oil and tocopherol are the key ingredients for moisturizing and hydrating. This kit will help glide on the relief. Amazon

Who doesn’t love a back rub? The thing is that back rubs are even better with the right massage oil. That’s where this concoction from Cosmetasa comes in handy. It offers Sweet almond oil and tocopherol. Arnica extract, chamomile oil and wild mint leaf Oil are added to help with achy joints and muscles. The extra bonus is the 360-degree spin massage ball so your lady’s hand doesn’t get too tired while pampering you.

Did you know? The tradition of gift-giving dates back to prehistoric times and cavemen. Tribe leaders would offer gifts to show dominance or to thank a person for an accomplishment that helped the tribe. The big gift ideas back then? Teeth and stones.

Cryptex Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex Lock Puzzle Boxes

You’ll love the solution

Straight from the Hollywood silver screen, this contraption is bound to impress your movie-loving man. Amazon

The movie “The Da Vinci Code” gave us two notable things: the image of Tom Hanks with uncomfortably long hair and the mystery of the “codex.” This cryptex is designed to look just like the one from the 2006 movie. It has five turntables, each with 26 letters. Hide a love letter to your partner inside. Just remember the default password: “I LOVE U.”

Did you know? Speaking of Leonardo Da Vinci and the Middle Ages, a popular gift at the time were personalized garments. One odd twist then was the practice of sewing your own hair into garments that you’d gift to a loved one. Hopefully, some shampoo kept everything clean.

Infmetry Capsule Letters

The right prescription

There’s no actual medicine in these except for your sweet nothings for your loved one. Amazon

This is really original. This jar has 90 pill capsules – each empty but for a small piece of paper. Use the tiny pieces to leave messages of love and adoration for your special someone. Pre-written messages also are available.

Did you know? It was in Ancient Greece where the tradition of blowing out candles first appeared. Greeks believed evil spirits would haunt a loved on a birthday. Blowing out candles sent a message to the gods to protect the birthday boy or girl.

The Ultimate Fun Book for Couples

Laughter and entertainment

It’s ideal for couples of all ages and orientations. You just need a good sense of humor. Amazon

The book was written specifically for couples and has 30 quizzes, 20 games and 10 challenges within its pages. Each quiz is designed to show a couple how well each knows the other. Just keep the scoring casual – nobody likes a sore loser. Thankfully there are no losers with this gift option.

Did you know? Native Americans have their own gift-giving feast. It’s called “Potlatch” and the focus of the event isomer on the gift-giver than receiver. The more expensive the gift, the more esteem the individual giving the gift was held in.

Wallet Card Love Note

Simple but memorable

This metal card stands up to daily wear and tear – just like the perfect relationship. Amazon

Guys aren’t complicated creatures – a smart token of devotion is usually enough to impress them. That’s the genius of this engraved aluminum card for the wallet. Every day he pulls one out, he’ll think of you. It won’t scrape, bend, burn or fade – it’s here to stay. So is he.

Did you know? According to studies, men who buy more elaborate gifts are more successful in attracting the ladies. Meanwhile, women are less motivated to buy expensive romantic presents and prefer to buy gifts for family and friends. Let’s turn this trend around!

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