Best Washable Markers for School in 2023


January 17, 2023
washable markers

Art can be fun. It can also be messy. If you’ve ever tried to get marker stains out of a kid’s shirt, the bedroom carpet or that new white couch, you know the struggle. Thankfully, some family-friendly genius out there invented washable markers, the world smiled and said thank you. If you’re shopping for washable markers, here are our recommendations.

Crayola washable markers

Variety of options

These work on walls, clothing, plastic, dark paper, glass, mirrors and more – any surface you can imagine. Amazon

Permanent markers are usually alcohol-based and loaded with other chemicals that ideally should be kept away from children. Washable markers, on the other hand, are water-based, which makes them less toxic and easier to clean. This set from Crayola includes ultra-clean broad line markers, gel FX markets and window markers. They also work great with Crayola’s air marker sprayer (which is sold separately). Did you know Crayola gets credit for inventing washable markers back in 1978?

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Rarlan Washable Markers

Versatile pens

Ideal for students and adults alike with plenty of extras in each hue. Amazon

One key to shopping for marketing is taking note of the tip of the marker. Markers come in a variety of tip sizes – from finer tips for smaller areas to broad tips for wider strokes. If you have a big household or you’re charge of a whole classroom, this bulk pack of markers from Rarlan is your best bet. These markers feature conical tips, enabling would-be artists to draw fine lines or broad strokes. The 240 markers come in 12 colors: black, red, orange, pink, yellow, green, blue, rose red, sky blue, dark green, purple and brown.

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Madisi markers

Conical tip choice

These are non-toxic, water-based and bleed resistant, which makes them ideal for ages up to 3. Amazon

If you get these markers on clothes, wash them in warm or hot water. Don’t use bleach. Like the other conical tip markers we recommend, these are perfect for fine lines as well as broad strokes. They come in 10 colors: black, red, orange, pink, yellow, green, blue, violet, purple and brown. (Technically, black is the lack of any color, but let’s not get technical.)

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Mr. Sketch scented markers

Smell the rainbow

These come in a variety of fragrances, including raspberry, watermelon, cherry, orange, banana, mint, apple, fruit punch, blueberry, grape, cinnamon and licorice. Amazon

When I was a kid, there was no school tool as beloved as the scented marker. Classrooms basically broke into niches depending on what scent you liked best. (I was a cherry or watermelon guy. Sorry, licorice fans, but stay away from me!) These are recommended for kids 3 and older. They’re among the easiest to clean from fabrics as well. Speaking of ancient history, did you know the first marker invented was likely the felt tip market, created in the 1940s? Back then, it was labeled a “Magic Marker” and was made from a glass bottle that held ink and a felt wick.

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Dot Markers

Beginners’ choice

These easy-to-grip pens help develop early coordination skills. Amazon

While many of the markers we’ve reviewed are versatile enough to be used by kids and adults alike, this set is decidedly different. These dot markers from Ultimate Stationery are perfect for toddlers who are still working on hand-eye and color skills. The pens feature sponge tips that won’t quickly dry out and distribute washable ink that’s easy to clean.

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