Best Nintendo Switch Accessories for Travelers

The whole point of having a Nintendo Switch gaming set is so you can play at home or on the road. But to keep your Switch performing at its best, you’ll need some accessories to keep it charged, safe and easy to play. We’ve found some amazing accessories for your Nintendo Switch that are perfect for those who love to travel.

For Beginners

As far as video gaming systems go, the Nintendo Switch is fairly young, having been first introduced in 2016. Mobile video games are hardly new – we’ve had them since the late ’70s, but the Switch was intended for a broader audience of users – and it took advantage of the Internet for online play. This bundle includes the game console, dock, two controllers, an HDMI cable, AC adapter and download code for Mario Kart 8, an all-time classic title.
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Room to grow

Don't let your console get consumed by extra cords and clutter. This will keep all your add-ons organized.

The history of Nintendo itself is fascinating. The company dates back to 1198 when it was founded as a manufacturer of hanafuda playing cards (“flower cards”). The name “Nintendo” is loosely translated as “leave luck to heaven.” When you’re traveling with a Nintendo Switch, leave luck to this accessories pack, which offers a streamlined protective case, a charging dock, room for up to four Joy-Con controllers, and room fo 24 game cards and SD cards.
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Fights fingerprints and scratches

Taking your game on the road opens up the potential for drops, bumps and other calamities.

In the 1950s, Nintendo reached out to the American animator Walt Disney to incorporate his cartoon characters into its playing cards. The deal was a huge success, leading to millions of card packs sold and TV commercial campaigns. Protection is a theme you’ll hear often when talking about Switch accessories. As your favorite smartphone probably recommends a screen protector, so does your Nintendo Switch. This high-def screen protector was designed specifically for a Switch. It’s ultra-then, measuring only 0.3 millimeters in thickness.
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Hands-Free Pick

It's hard to play and hold the console at the same time while on the road. Finally here's a solution.

Though the Disney deal was initially quite profitable, it also relied on the youth market. In the late ’60s, as the toy market contracted, Nintendo tried other business ventures, including a taxi service and an instant rice product. Thankfully, a game-changing industry was about to be born: electronic games. If you’re traveling by car, save your hand strength with this silicon mount for your console. It’s designed specifically for a Switch so it won’t harm the surface. Easy access to the buttons is still possible thanks to the adjustable strap.
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Don’t leave anything behind

It's okay to forget a toothbrush, but make sure your gaming gear comes with you intact on any travels.

Finally in the 1970s, a revolution began with the development of Nintendo’s first electronic toy – the Beam Gun, a light gun controller designed to worth with video game consoles of the day. History would soon celebrate Nintendo’s creation of Donkey Kong, Mario and the first Nintendo Entertainment System. Here’s a starter pack that works great with the Nintendo Switch Lite. It combines a number of the features we’ve already featured, including a screen protector, storage case, thumb grips and more.
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