Review: Turonic’s GM5 Massage Gun Impresses

A quiet motor and powerful pounding creates a superior massage experience.
Sometimes simplicity is best, particularly with this easy-to-hold model that offers plenty of punch but at a softer sound.
These are all the attachments you really need to make the most of the Turonic massage gun.

When it comes to personal health products, I usually find that simplicity is best. A good product knows which features to focus on and which it can shed to make a superior user experience. That was my takeaway when trying out Turonic’s GM5 massage gun, an easy-to-hold model that offers plenty of punch but at a softer sound.

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If you’re new to massage guns, don’t let the term scare you off. These handhelds are designed to provide an amped-up home massage while hammering away at muscle knots and soreness. Unlike a massage wand or vibrating pad, a massage gun offers a thumping action rather than a buzzing effect. Also, many of them are also rechargeable and wireless, allowing a convenience that the wired wands can’t provide.

A massage gun’s action is based on the Swedish style of percussion therapy known as “tapotement.” Used since the 1800s, practitioners insist this type of pressure helps increase the range of body movement, improves circulation, and – of course – releases tension. It’s a style that can be used on the entire body. (Experts and experienced users will caution you against using it on bony parts, joints and tendons.)

What caught my eye first about the Turonic model was its focus. Some competing models offer more attachments than a vacuum cleaner – total overkill (and difficult to keep corralled). What the GM5 provides are five speeds and seven massage heads. Start with the foam ball until you’re used to the power of the gun, and then try the others. The “fork” is particularly good at working out knots.

The massage gun package comes with a bag of attachments, a carrying case and a charging cord. It took no time at all for my gun to be fully charged. Eight wonderful hours later, it finally needed a new charging. Bliss indeed.

One other notable feature: the operational noise – or the lack of it. This gun operates at about 45 dB, which was quiet enough to use while watching my favorite Netflix shows. Also, I admire the lack of a crazy, hard-to-understand LCD control panel. This is a massage gun, not a missile launcher. Again, simplicity can be sexy.

While compact models and pocket-sized massages sure have curb appeal, this Turuonic model is a good size for bringing it on the road or on vacation. In that regard, consider it “essential gear” on my next cruise vacation. Those aching feet will thank me.

Buy now: Turonic GM5 Massage Gun.

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