Our Favorite Coconut Oils for Cooking

Amp up on flavor and health benefits with our top picks for coconut cooking oils

Coconut oil is great for cooking and personal care.Pixabay

Coconut oil is heralded as a “superfood” for its many positive effects ranging from enhancing heart health to boosting brain function. But as more and more people embrace cooking with this fatty acid-rich beneficial oil, they face a common challenge: Deciding which coconut oil product to buy. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite coconut oils. Here’s a closer look at which ones came out on top.

This brand offers organic, unrefined oil from coconuts grown in the Philippines.Viva Naturals

If you’re looking to maximize the benefits of coconut oil for cooking and more, look no further than this organic, unrefined option from Viva Naturals. What makes it so potent? It’s sourced directly from fresh coconuts grown in the Philippines’ fertile volcanic soil and cold-pressed to minimize the impact of processing and protect the purity of the oils. In addition to cooking with this MCT-packed coconut oil, we also love it for its rejuvenating benefits for skin and hair while the tropical fragrance is to-die-for.

Health and beauty benefits abound with this all-natural coconut oil.Nutiva Organic

Enjoy consummate creaminess when sautéing and baking with this nourishing, lauric acid-loaded coconut oil. Rich in nutrients but remarkably smooth and light-tasting, it’s an ideal complement to a variety of diets, including vegetarian, vegan, whole food, paleo, raw and gluten-free. All-natural Nutiva Virgin Coconut Oil’s benefits aren’t limited to cooking, however. It’s also a moisturizing and conditioning remedy for dry, damaged skin and hair. One more thing to love about Nutiva: Not only is the company Non-GMO certified, but it also donates one percent of sales to sustainable agriculture.

This brand is clear of hydrogenation, bleaching, refining, and deodorizing.Garden of Life

Extra virgin coconut oil is one of the healthiest dietary oils in the world. Garden of Life takes meaningful measures to ensure that its customers derive the most benefits, including steering clear of hydrogenation, bleaching, refining and deodorizing during its careful cold-pressing process. Factor in sustainable harvesting, and it’s easy to see why this one’s a popular pick among coconut oil enthusiasts.