Tidy Up Your Lawn with the Right Mulch

Find the best mulch for your lawn. Here are our favorites

Front yard with mulch
Take your yard to the next level with the right mulch. Pixa

Mulch does far more than just beautify your garden beds and landscaping. Mulch can help protect plants from the heat and sun by preserving moisture and keeping roots cool and moist. Mulch products are also ideal for kids’ play areas; rubber mulch can provide a soft landing and prevent injuries on the playground. Mulch is also ideal for protecting walkways; popular paths through your yard can swiftly become bald and bare if you don’t mulch them; resulting in an unattractive and uneven look instead of a decorative feature. Here are four of our favorite mulch options to consider for your yard – and the best applications for each.

Rubber Mulch
Rubber mulch cushions the ground and prevents injury. Amazon

This mulch makes your playground and swing set area more safe for kids. It also helps define this area in your yard, resulting in a more pleasing and inviting kids’ zone outdoors. Rubber mulch has another positive feature as well — it’s made from post-consumer waste and the most eco-conscious option for your home.

Potting Mulch
Not all mulch is designed to cover large areas; your potted plants need to be mulched as well, otherwise they could dry out swiftly in warm weather. Amazon

Choose a mulch that is finely chopped for best results in containers; the finer fill will expand to fit all areas of the pot and offer the most protection for the plant. If you’re worried about cats or wildlife getting into your plants, mulch can help keep them away.

Mulch Border
A border keeps your mulch where it belongs. Amazon

Lightweight mulches in particular can blow away or scatter across your yard if you don’t contain them. Use a mulch border to keep everything tidy and ensure your mulch stays where you intend it to.

Mulch Weed Barrier
Fight off weeds in your garden with barrier cloth. Amazon

Prevent weeds from growing through your mulch and ensure your plants get off to a great start when you mulch with this popular barrier cloth. Easy to cut and secure, barrier mulch can prevent hours of uncomfortable weeding and allow you to see the fruits of your labors without a lot of distraction. Use alone or top with a pine straw, wood chip or other mulch, depending on your preferred look.

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