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October 25, 2021
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If you want the greenery without the chores, consider artificial plants. Pexels

There once was a time when fake plants looked tacky because, well, they looked fake. These days you will be hard-pressed to find the difference. Now artificial plants not only look more realistic, but they also look modern and chic, besides the obvious benefit of being much easier to care for. (A little dusting, maybe?)

Here are our favorite artificial plants that are sure to add a pop of green and beauty to your space for a long time to come.

JPSOR 24pcs 158 Feet Fake Ivy Leaves Fake Vines Artificial Ivy, Silk Ivy Garland Greenery Artificial Hanging Plants for Wedding Wall Decor, Party Room Décor

A variety of uses

Twist them around posts or drape them atop your kitchen cupboards. JPSOR

This indoor artificial ivy vine is very easy to set up and take down, with 24 strands of greenery, each one 78.7 inches long. If you’re looking for simple and polished hanging vine decor, the JPSOR Artificial Hanging Plant may be what you need. The leaves are silk and the stems are plastic, and you don’t have to worry about the color fading. This faux hanging vine is both practical and versatile. The leaves require very little cleaning and are long-lasting, plus the vine itself can be shaped in a variety of ways, which is helpful for different occasions and environments. You can’t really go wrong with these multipurpose silks.


Buy: JPSOR 24pcs 158 Feet Fake Ivy Leaves Fake Vines Artificial Ivy

Nearly Natural 5289 6.5ft. Golden Cane Palm Silk Tree, Green

Easy to clean

The realistic-looking tropical leaves only need to be wiped down periodically, and can even be shaped to your liking. Nearly Natural

Whether you’re looking for room décor or a unique way to partition your space, this majestic, 45″ W x 6.5′ T artificial palm tree provides both beauty and functionality. The Nearly Natural Cane Palm Silk Tree is an attractive addition to almost any indoor setting you want to spruce up, and it’s so easy to care for. A well-appointed tree can add texture and ambiance to your space. Multiple trees can help strategically divide a room. Coming in a sturdy planter, this silk cane palm tree will surely enhance your room, patio, or office space.

Buy: Nearly Natural 5289 6.5ft. Golden Cane Palm Silk Tree

Fopamtri Artificial Areca Palm Plant 5 Feet Fake Palm Tree with 17 Trunks Faux Tree for Indoor Outdoor Modern Decoration Faux Dypsis Lutescens Plants in Pot for Home Office Perfect Housewarming Gift

Built to last

Casual enough for the family room or elegant enough for a corner office, it brightens up any space. Fopamtri

Never worry about watering your plants again with this indoor/outdoor 5′ T Areca palm tree.This low-maintenance faux palm will look great in any corner of your home, office, patio, or other indoor/outdoor space. Ideal for those who want the timeless appeal of tropical foliage in their environment without the challenge of maintaining it. Made from quality, sturdy materials, this pretty plant is built to last. It can be moved easily and with minimal dusting can last you for years.

Buy: Fopamtri Artificial Areca Palm Plant 5 Feet Fake Palm Tree

Der Rose 3 Pack Mini Potted Fake Plants Artificial Plastic Eucalyptus Plants for Home Office Desk Room Decoration

So many options

You can put one here and there to add a spot of green or group them together for different looks. Der Rose

At 9.5″ T and 3.56″ W, these three cheery little plants will brighten any shelf, coffee table, desk, or kitchen counter. Lifelike and carefree, these faux eucalyptus plants are made from quality plastic materials and are safe for indoor and outdoor use. The pots are crafted from paper pulp but lend a rugged, distressed look in natural neutrals that blend well and complement nearly any décor. The Der Rose Eucalyptus Plants are a cinch to clean and they won’t fade. A fun gift or housewarming idea, these little potted plants are perfect for that family member, friend, or college student who loves plants but has trouble keeping them alive – or remembering to water them.


Buy: Der Rose 3 Pack Mini Potted Fake Plants

AGEOMET 3pcs Artificial Hanging Plants, 3.6ft Fake Hanging Plant, Fake Ivy Vine for Wall House Room Indoor Outdoor Decoration (No Baskets)

For any space

Lifelike and lustrous, it features vivid green silk leaves and strong wired stems that bend in any shape. AGEOMET

These high-quality faux hanging plants boast 160 leaves each and come in a set of three. For those wondering whether artificial foliage truly exists that’s both versatile and beautiful, the answer is yes, and it is found right here. Perfect for hanging in your home, outdoor area, or party space, their use is virtually unlimited. These hanging plants are easy to take care of and look wonderful for special occasions or everyday living. They won’t fade in the sun and are waterproof, too, in case a little rain blows in under the patio roof. No more paying the neighbor kids to water your hanging plants while you’re on vacation. These will still look good when you get back.

Buy: AGEOMET 3pcs Artificial Hanging Plants


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