Best Balms and Oils for Scars and Stretch Marks

Help your skin look more healthy and natural with the right treatments

Give your face some love with these lotions and balms.Unsplash

From head to toe, healthy skin not only looks amazing, but it feels great, too. Invest in yourself, and treat your skin to some of these best balms and oils that work for the scars and stretch marks you acquire along the road of life.

Nourishing care

All skin types and tones look healthier and more moisturized with the hands-on use of this oil.Bio-Oil

This combination of natural oils is clinically proven to help make scars, including surgical and acne scars, look better. Use these oils on your face to heal acne scars. Show your knees and shins some love by massaging them with some of this luxurious oil. Made with calming chamomile oil, light sunflower oil, and anti-inflammatory soothing lavender oil, this formula has anti-aging qualities. And even though it’s oily, it won’t clog pores.

Once-a-day application

Get your confidence back and give those scars what they need to appear smaller, lighter, and less noticeable.Mederma

We love that you only have to use this scar healing gel once a day for results. Apply this to your years-old scars or brand new ones and watch them fade. Works well for burns. too. You won’t need to wear bangs or grow facial hair anymore to cover your scars with this gel that is recommended by doctors and pharmacists.

Crafted for sensitive skin

You can put it under your makeup, as it doesn’t have a color or an aroma, and it dries quickly.Aroamas

Apply it to skinned knees, roughed-up elbows, and acne scars. Did you know that doctors sometimes prescribe silicone to help heal skin after surgery? It’s been shown to help repair skin faster with less itching and redness. Burns, one of the most destructive wounds to skin, benefit from this treatment, too. We love that this scar gel is trusted in burn centers around the world.

More bioavailable

Required for your skin to make collagen, the vitamins in this compound show results twice as fast as common products with synthetic properties.RejuveNaturals

We have all heard that olive oil is good for us. But, did you know that olive oil is good on us, too? The Vitamin E comes from non-GMO organic olives. We love how this serum, made with one of the highest concentrations of oil, fades spots of all kinds. It helps reduce the looks of wrinkles and stretch marks. too. With only natural ingredients – and no additives, chemicals, or water – this youth-restoring oil feeds your skin what it needs to look its best.