Best Ab Machines for Help Flattening Your Gut

When sit-ups alone won’t do the trick, these pieces are gear are ready to help


October 15, 2021
It takes a lot of sweat to get those ad muscles into shape. Pixabay

All types of machines made to target your abs – rollers, balls. and apparatuses – have flooded the exercise market over the years, making the right choice for your needs difficult and sometimes confusing. We’re here to help. Here are a few ab machines we think are worthy of your workout time.

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A tried and true tool

The knee pad saves wear and tear on your epidermis and avoids slippage. Fitnessery

There’s a reason ab rollers have outlasted many other innovations on the market. They work, and without the danger of wrenching your neck. What’s especially nice about this model are the extras you get. The knee pad assures that any hard household surface you choose to roll on will work. The nutrition book is like adding a dietician to your weight loss plan. The accompanying workout book is full of good ideas and even better, variations to keep you from losing interest – as well as to keep your abs engaged.

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Stealth Core Trainer - Get a Lean Strong Core Playing Games On Your Phone; Free iOS/Android App; 4 Free Mobile Games Included; Dynamic Core Training; Increase Energy & Lose Body Fat in 3 Min/Day (Yellow)

Smart technology

Planks are among the most dreaded and avoided ab exercises. Imagine enjoying them. Stealth Fitness

Just when you thought the ideas on how to engage those stomach muscles had been used up, along comes something like the Stealth Core Trainer. Ab work no longer needs to be boring with this innovative product, which uses your smartphone to keep your interest through four entertaining and core-challenging games: “Stealth Speed Gliding,” “Color Chase,” “Galaxy Adventure,” and “Space Escape.” Each has been designed to utilize core muscles as you seek to score, tracking your daily progress so you naturally push yourself to new heights – and new muscle tone. This is also designed to fit any sized smartphone, so no need to upgrade.

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AbCoaster MAX Ab Machine Exercise Equipment For Home Gym, Less Stress on Neck & Back, Abdominal / Core Fitness Equipment for All Levels, Black

Maximized benefits

Designed to work well even for those with back problems. Exercise without worry. Tristar Products Inc

If you’ve been around any gym, you almost certainly have heard it: “I can’t do ab work because I have a slipped disc or some other back problem.” The AbCoaster was designed for such concerns, targeting your entire core area with crunch exercises that don’t require any yanking of your back or neck at all. It includes a digital workout display that counts for you so you can better concentrate on form and intensity. Each rep maximizes your effort by contracting your core muscles on the way up, and again on the way down. Thus, your challenge can start out modest, and grow to become intense – with noticeable results.


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Fitlaya Fitness Core & Abdominal Trainers AB Workout Machine Home Gym Strength Training Ab Cruncher Foldable Fitness Equipment

Folds up when not in use

Built to handle up to 440 pounds, it adjusts to four different heights and also works your upper thighs and buttocks area. Fitlaya Fitness

Fitlaya uses a curved track and your own frame to engage your complete core in a series of fluid exercises. A heavy-duty frame, knee cushions, and foam grips prevent unnecessary strain elsewhere as you work your abs with its up and down trajectory. Comes with a smart LCD monitor that tracks calories burned, workout length, and repetitions.

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Bigzzia Abdominal Trainer, Core & Abs Rocket Exercise Chair with Foam Roller-Handles-Level Adjustable-Fitness Crunches Machine-Workout-Training Bench

Gym-inspired design

Its many modes provide a whole body workout, targeting your thighs as well as sit-ups. Bigzzia

This is a model that does a lot in a little space. There is also an assisted pushup variant that combines simultaneously with core work. Made with heavy-duty iron, it supports up to 220 pounds without risk of becoming misshapen, and its soft foam rollers protect your back and alleviate fatigue pain, especially in the early going when dormant muscles are being engaged again. Used thoroughly, this can double as a sneaky complete home gym in a small space.

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