Best Chimney Starters for Your Outdoor Grill

Up your barbecuing game with these grill tools

Try a chimney starter and you'll wonder how you ever lived without one.chimney

When it comes to grilling outside, we often have two requests. One, we want our charcoal to heat up quickly so that we do not waste too much time preheating our cooking area. Secondly, we would appreciate finding a way to avoid lighter fluid and the smell and taste it leaves behind. We have found that the right chimney starter can accomplish both of these goals, bringing back all the joy of the backyard BBQ. Those interested in adding a chimney starter to their grilling set may find that one of these favorites will suit their needs as well.

Easy to use

A simple design that will get the grill ready for food quickly and without the need for lighter fluid.Weber

When we first encountered this chimney starter, the comfortable, strong handle was one of the first features we noticed, as it was easy to employ to get the grill cooking quickly. All that we needed to do was fill the fire starter with the amount of charcoal needed for the food we wanted to cook, light the starter cubes, and get the charcoal burning in no time. The strong design means that this starter could be used for countless grill sessions in the future.

No assembly needed

Made from rust-resistant zinc steel for a durable construction that was easy to use.Kingsford

This chimney starter offered a large capacity so that we could easily customize the amount of charcoal we wanted depending upon what we planned on cooking. The heat shield and the specially designed handle means that even as the tool helped to heat the charcoal to cooking temperature, the handle remained comfortable to touch and easy to use. The vented base also helped the charcoals light quickly and safely so that we were able to start grilling within just a few minutes. The long-lasting design also ensures that we will be able to keep using this design for many more barbeques to come.

Versatile pick

This kit made it easy to create a fantastic cooking fire with lighter cubes that help to light the charcoals.HOMENOTE

This all-natural kit appealed to us as we sought to find grilling options that would help us accentuate the natural, delightful flavors of the food rather than cover them up with the taste of lighter fluid. This particular kit works well in a variety of different fire environments, including grills, fire pits, and campfires. The heat resistant design of the handle and the heat resistant mitts that are included together make it easy to safely build a fire to a hot cooking temperature rapidly. This design produced hot cools within a few minutes and did an excellent job of getting the fire ready for a barbeque.

We’re a fan

This set uses excellent ventilation and a smart design to quickly get charcoal hot and ready for cooking.Charcoal

The grill air fan included in this kit works with the chimney starter to create hot, cooking charcoals in just a few minutes. We found that this kit did an excellent job of starting the cooking fire safely and easily, without the need for lighter fluid and the aftertaste it can leave on the food prepared over the fire. The gloves that come with this set also work well and are comfortable to wear, simplifying the process of transferring the coals from the starter and preparing them for use within the grill. The efficient design of this particular starter worked well for getting the coals themselves lit.