Best Golf Balls for Hitting the Greens

There’s much more to the game of golf than the right driver and a lucky putter
Ready to head out to the course? Don’t forget to bring these with you. Pixabay

Each golf ball has slightly different traits and depending on your style of play, you should choose the best ball for your skill level, habits, and fairway and green conditions. From Tiger’s favorite to Phil Mickelson’s go-to, here are our choices for the best golf balls, with no mulligans.

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

Why a softer golf ball?

The solid center gives you increased lift on your tee shots and is surrounded by a flexible casing. Titleist

The long-chain polymer is soft to increase spin when approaching the green. It’s also more flexible so it travels faster while dampening spin for your long game. Scientists work at engineering the best dimple number and arrangement. The folks at Titleist decided on 388 dimples in a tetrahedral (four-sided) pattern. It also has a little logo on the side to help you align your putts. Each box contains four sleeves of three white balls.

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Callaway 2021 Supersoft Golf Balls 12B PK

Bright orange

These can really fly, so that’s why they are easy to spot 350 yards away in the rough. Callaway

Bring out your inner Phil Mickelson and head to the majors with Callaway. Or just enjoy a great day on your local course. Technology keeps advancing the science of aerodynamics, and these golf balls can zip off the tee. Designed to fly high without spin. Even though you only make contact for 1/2000ths of a second, this multi-layered golf ball makes the most of it. The compression core takes your power and changes it to a high launch speed. The hexagonal design (six-sided) of the dimples keeps a little layer of air around the ball for more lift. Each box has a dozen bright orange balls.

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TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls (One Dozen)

For moderate-level players

With a harder surface than the competition, it’s made to lower the spin rate that can lead to hooks and slices. TaylorMade

Get the speed you want on the course for an on-the-green-in-one value. The TaylorMade golf ball is made for distance. Not only does this mean that they’ll last longer, but they’ll fly straight, keeping you out of the rough. On the green, it takes a little more oomph to get it to the hole. Each of the dozen bright yellow golf balls is covered with 342 dimples.


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Bridgestone Golf e12 Contact Golf Balls (One Dozen)

Straight, no chaser

Gain 10 yards a shot with your woods (not just Tiger Woods, who uses these as his golf ball of choice) and your irons. Bridgestone Golf

You’ll be winning the scramble when you hit those straight, strong tee shots. Bridgestone upped their game when they created their Contact Force Dimple golf ball. The unique design allows the clubhead to have more contact area with the ball, 38 percent more. The softer center makes these balls feel good when you strike them. Straighter, longer, and also with more control on the green, you can rely on the ball to represent your shot and keep you out of the sand. One dozen incredible balls per package.

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Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls

Something for everyone

With four-layered construction, not only will your ball soar, but it’ll give you great short game control. Vice Golf

With extra distance and less spin, this golf ball is both soft and strong. When you get your driver out of the bag, you want to send that ball screaming. This Pro Plus ball is made for taking that tremendous force and giving you incredible distance. Made for low-handicap players with high swing speeds (95-110 miles an hour), it stays low and straight. Vice’s S2TG urethane coating really sticks to the green.

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