Best Highlighters for Students

They’re an essential tool for studying. Here are our favorites


October 14, 2021
Check out our picks for best highlighters for students and professionals. Pixabay

When you’re hitting the books, be prepared to quickly mark the lines to reference. You’ll need a great set of highlighters to do this. Do you highlight in multiple colors? Prefer an angle or a straight edge? We have an assortment of highlighters to color your life. Here are our picks.

Sharpie Tank Style Highlighters, Chisel Tip, Fluorescent Yellow, Box of 36 (1920938)

Lots of ink

Use it to remember important events in your journal or day planner, or use it in coloring books to add a bright, unique punch. Sharpie

These big style highlighters are full of ink for your volumes of books. Have you ever written a report and then found out you have to make it an oral report instead? That’s when it’s time to pull out the highlighters. This package of 36 bright yellow highlighters has a chisel tip. This allows you to pull it diagonally through the lines, rotate it 45 degrees for thick lines, or turn it on its side for thin lines. These thick highlighters won’t smear once they are dry.

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Zebra Pen Mildliner, Double Ended Highlighter, Broad and Fine Tips, Assorted Colors, 15 Pack

Unique set

Each of the colors from reds to blues is filled with water-resistant ink that dries quickly so you can flip pages without waiting. Zebra Pen

This versatile set of highlighters allows you to customize your highlighting. This set of 15 pens features 14 colored highlighters and a gold one, too. We like how each of the pens has two sides. Open up the large cap for use in textbooks, journals, and handwritten reports. The tight-fitting small cap on the other side has a fine tip for making remarks or other small notations. And this set of pens is perfect for color-coding jobs.

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ZEYAR Highlighter, Pastel Colors Chisel Tip Marker Pen, Assorted Colors, Water Based, Quick Dry (6 Macaron Colors)

Flat design

Depending on how you hold it in your hand, you can vary the width of your line from one millimeter to four millimeters. ZEYAR

Easy to hold and easy to tote, these highlighters have a narrow profile, just right for your pocket. This macaron cookie color collection looks good enough to eat. Pastel colors set this package of six highlighters apart from the other collection. There are additional other collections of six including pastels, brights, and mild colored highlighters. These highlighters have water-based ink that is acid-free to keep your writing or highlighting from damaging books and notebooks.


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TWOHANDS Highlighter, Chisel Tip Marker Pen, 6 Assorted Pastel Colors, for Adults & Kids, with Large Ink Reservoir for Extra Long Marking Performance 20079

Quick dry

The wide tools come in six colors: pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and lilac. TWOHANDS

Designed to dry rapidly, these highlighters won’t smear or puddle, so you can work quickly. One of the features we love about this set of markers is that, turned on its side, it can write one millimeter thin, and thicker than our other highlighters at 5 millimeters. Use the sturdy hooks attached to the caps to attach the pen to your book, journal, or notebook so you don’t forget to bring your highlighters before heading off to the library. The ink reservoir is designed for extra-long highlighting life.

Buy: TWOHANDS Highlighter, Chisel Tip Marker Pen


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