Best Kitchen Scissors

Cut meat, poultry, veggies, those pesky plastic clamshell cases, or whatever with these amazing kitchen scissors

Kitchen scissors need to be rugged and stand up to any task.Unsplash

Kitchen scissors have to be tough and versatile in order to cut through meat, bone, seafood, and veggies, without needing to be sharpened.

Versatile choice

Crack open a cold one and then spatchcock some poultry, all with one tool.Kitchen Shears

If you’ve ever spatchcocked a whole chicken or turkey, you know that you need a great pair of kitchen shears, like these shears from Spring Chef. The high-quality stainless steel on these shears will last you a long time before they need to see a sharpening stone. The soft grips on the handle mean your hand won’t take a beating from repeated cutting. These versatile kitchen scissors also feature a handy bottle opener. Don’t be surprised if these shears end up replacing most of your knives.

Stainless-steel construction

Don’t settle for plain black kitchen shears, spruce up your utensil drawer with this pair.KitchenAid

Available in a multitude of colors, KitchenAid shears are right at home in any drawer. Known for its mixers and various kitchen products, KitchenAid knows how to make a durable product that lasts multiple generations. These shears don’t have any built-in flashlight or bottle opener, just serious craftsmanship. A stainless-steel construction means the scissors are hard to rust and its full-tang design means you’ll have the leverage to cut whatever you need to.

Two-for-one package

Crack some lobster claws with the included seafood shears.Kitchen Shears

Shears are meant to be the quintessential kitchen do-it-all tool, but sometimes a tool built with a specific purpose will be better equipped to tackle a problem and that’s where this Gidli Kitchen and Seafood Shear combo come in handy. First, you have the heavy-duty kitchen shears to get you through most anything and are guaranteed to stay sharp after multiple uses. If you need a pair of scissors that you can finesse through small joints and seafood, the included seafood shears are small and sharp enough to get through tough crab shells and have a built-in cracker to break up claws. This two-for-one package is great if you cook a lot of seafood, or want two different-sized shears.