Use a Pool Strip Before Taking a Dip

Don’t let cloudy, dirty, and even smelly water ruin your fun in the sun

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Boy underwater in a pool

Keep the pool water safe for family and friends with test strips. Pixabay

It’s quite likely that your swimming pool is its own hub of family activity. When it is not working properly, the entire family can feel out of sorts. When your pool is in tip-top operating condition, everyone wants to play — and bring a friend. Use one of the great pool test strips and solve the problem today so everyone can come over and play.

JNW Direct Pool and Spa Test Strips

Easy to use

Dip these into your pool and match up the colors on the bottle to see where you stand. JNW Direct

These pool test strips come in packages of 100, and the free mobile app means you can track your progress from week to week. These test strips work for the pool and spa testing your water in six different areas, including alkalinity, bromine, pH, free chlorine, total chlorine, and water hardness. They’re easy to use and help you keep your swimming pool or spa clean and healthy all year long. They even come with an eBook explaining your results and why they matter.

AquaChek Yellow Test Strips

Quick results

Each package contains enough strips to test your pool for half a year. AquaChek

Quick results from these easy-to-use test strips appear in as few as 30 seconds allowing you to make adjustments quickly so everyone can get back to enjoying the pool. Accurate results for pH, free chlorine, total alkalinity, and stabilizer. These strips are easy to use, accurate, and are easy to read.

Poolmaster Smart Test

No-bleed pads

These strips also reduce the risk of scale forming on hard surface pools by seeking treatment before problems arise. Poolmaster

This package of 50-count test strips features no-bleed color pads for an instant, more accurate reading. This six in one test checks the free chlorine, total chlorine, total hardness, bromine, pH, and alkalinity in your pool.

Leisure Time Test Strips

Instant answers

Available in packs of 50, these test strips are easy to read. Leisure Time

These test strips work with both ozone and chlorine sanitizers and help to deliver fast, easy-to-read results in an instant. The test strips test for alkalinity, calcium hardness, pH, and chlorine.

RUNBO Pool and Spa Quality Testing Strips

Single-dip simplicity

There’s no need to shake these test strips. RUNBO

Testing strips come in packages of 100 test strips to provide long-lasting testing capabilities. These user-friendly, single-dip test strips test your water for four parameters: free chlorine, total alkalinity, bromine, and pH. The RUNBO test strips are easy to read with the color chart on the bottle and quick with available in as little as one minute.


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