Best Rug Pads to Secure and Protect Your Floor Coverings

Protect your chairs, tables and more with the right furniture polish

A nice area rug isn't complete without the right rug pads.Pixabay

Ever wonder where rug pads come from? Mostly from leftovers. Each year, around 700 million pounds of polyurethane foam trim is gathered from all over the world from the manufacture of such items as sofas, chairs, mattresses, automotive interiors, textiles, and clothing. This polyurethane foam trim is compressed, baled and transported to approximately 30 U.S. factories, where it is recycled into bonded padding, making it one of the largest uses of recycled materials in the world. Chances are good you’re going to need some rug padding, and we’re here to help with our top picks.

Great protection

The no-latex backing means it will add cushion with no bunching or wrinkling, and will not stain or discolor your floors.Mohawk

This first rug padding comes in a 10′ by 14′ size and is made from 100% recycled felt, and it is Green Label-certified, which has the highest standards for IAQ (indoor air quality) and ensures the lowest emitting products on the market. Great for all flooring types, this padding protects against abrasions and wear. It comes in multiple thickness of 1/8″ (best for a plush rug), 1/4″ (for most rugs), and 1/2″ (for a thin/low profile rug) to best suit your needs. It can also be cut with scissors to trim to the perfect size.

Smart pick

This is a premium rug pad for the eco-friendly home, as it contains no glues, PVC or latex.RUGPADUSA

This pad comes in thickness of 1/4″, 3/8″, or 1/2″ for even more cushion. With 24 ounces of felt per square yard, it is also good for noise reduction and insulation. While not intended to stop rugs from slipping in high traffic areas in the home, this 8′ by 10′ pad is designed for larger rugs and rugged enough to be placed under larger furniture. If you are looking for a pad that combines cushioning with a non-slip feature, it has a felt and rubber option as well.

Lightweight option

A game-changer if you have a futon, this number also prevents seat cushions and mattresses from sliding with its non-slip protection.Veken

This rug pad’s open grid construction allows air to circulate and thus prevents dust from settling under your rug. It is not intended for use on carpet, vinyl, lacquered, acrylic, natural stone, porous, refinished, concrete, or heated floors. This pad is durable and strong, yet the PVC material means it is also lightweight and thus easy to cut. Great for tile, wood, and laminate flooring, it can also be used on your dining table as place-mats.

Ultra-strong option

Made from 100 percent recycled felt, this pad is also hypoallergenic and mold, mildew, and moth resistant.Gorilla Grip

This pad is made of condensed needle punched felt for increased durability, cushion, rug and floor protection, while also reducing sound. The natural and textured rubber on the underside is ultra-durable, helping to keep the rug in place even if your rug is extra plush, or your vacuum cleaner is heavy-duty. This 8′ by 10′ pad can easily be trimmed with scissors for custom sizing, and it comes in thickness of 1/4″ and 1/8″.