Best Solar Landscape Lighting

Ready to get illuminating?

Light up the night in your yard.Amazon

Because all these lighting sets are solar-powered, installation doesn’t require digging lines in the yard. Just open the box, assemble the pieces, and start giving your garden an upgrade. Not only does landscape solar lighting add appeal, but well-lit walkways, doorways, stairways, and paths are safer to navigate. Here are our choices for landscape solar lights.


Bright and sturdy, these are waterproof, heatproof, and frostproof, too.LITOM 12 LEDs Solar Landscape Spotlights

These lights look like they mean business. Grab this two-pack and shine. The cold white solar spotlights come with rechargeable batteries, which are good for everybody’s garden. With a dozen in the set, you can create light in a large area. We love that these are brighter than other solar lights we’ve seen. They’re even patented. With the included mounting hardware, they are great on walls, fences, gates, doorways, and garages. Low light mode lasts all night, and the high bright mode lasts for six hours, longer than most other solar lights.

Fun in function

With no wires, there are no limits on the ambiance you could grow in your yard.BRIGHTOLOGY ColorGlow Waterproof Outdoor Solar Rainbow Lights

You can program the colors or just let the rainbow take its course. Yes, these lights shine warm white but can stop or slide down the rainbow spectrum. The four lights collect sunshine all day and shine for eight hours at night automatically. Mounting bars and hardware let you shine your lights anywhere on your porch, patio, or pool. They also create magical effects when attached to eaves and fence tops.

Sturdy selection

Reliable charging, the rust-proof pathway lights are simple and intuitive to put together.Solar Lights Outdoor, Stainless Steel Waterproof Outdoor Lights

Adequately lighting footpaths was challenging before installing this set of 12 waterproof, stainless solar lights. If you have clay or hard soil, make sure you dig a little installation hole first. No worries about these landscape lights in inclement weather, they can handle it. Once installed, they charge and illuminate on their own. Your front door walkway, your side yard, or along the path to the pool, these solar lights quickly update your yard’s ambiance.

A bright spot in your life

With 90 degrees rotation, you can create unique lighting effects, including always trendy up-lighting, with these bright lamps.Biling Solar Spotlights Outdoor

Each of these warm white lights has 12 little LED bulbs tucked in there for brilliant illumination. With a high (700 Lumen) and low (350 Lumen) setting, on low, the jumbo built-in battery holds enough power to run each light for up to 15 hours. Install in your hardscape for low pathway or patio lighting, or attach them to walls and fences or over the garage for area lighting. We love tucking a few under palm, willow, or weeping cherry trees to accentuate corners of the grounds.