Best Watercolor Paint Kits For Every Artist

Layer on the color with these watercolor paint kits

Keep your workspace clean by painting over a dropcloth.Steve Johnson on Unsplash

Watercolor painting is a hobby enjoyed by many. Create a piece with a few abstract splashes of color or take on a landscape painting and add it to your collection of masterpieces. You can also paint a watercolor as a gift or paint a card for your loved ones. Looking for a fun family activity? Watercolor painting is a great option for all ages. Choose between these different styles of watercolor paint kits and consider what will best suit your needs.

For all levels of experience

Use the fine-point of this tool for broad strokes or the details.ARTEZA

Searching for a watercolor kit the entire family can use? Watercolor pens will allow beginners to have the familiarity of a pen-shape while more advanced artists can use them for complex details.

Wide range of colors

A classic kit for every project.Winsor & Newton

This watercolor kit offers 45 half pans of pigment. From neutrals to shades of green, blue, purple, pink, red, orange, and yellow, you’ll have every color for every painting you could possibly dream up.

Best for mixing

Pro tip: Make sure you keep the cap twisted tight to prevent early drying.ARTEZA

Get the perfect amount of each color every time with tubes of watercolor paint. With more control over how much pigment is used, you have the perfect opportunity to mix colors and get the perfect shade.

All-in-one pack

Use this collection to create complete paintings without going to the store for more supplies.Aem Hi Arts

Want the complete watercolor set for creative, family fun? Unlike some other watercolor paint kits, this set also includes three brushes, a 20-sheet watercolor pad, and palette. You won’t have to search for any more supplies for a day of painting.