Our Favorite Coffee Grinders for Perfectly Pulverized Beans

A great cup of coffee starts with a fresh grind

Turn those beans into fresh coffee.Pixabay

There’s great satisfaction in grinding your own coffee beans at home. Sure, it’s easier to buy the pre-packaged stuff but you won’t achieve the same taste your favorite coffeehouse offers. One of the most important benefits to grinding your own beans is gaining control of coarseness. You’ll need coarser grounds if you’re using a French press but perhaps you’ve got an espresso maker at home, in that case you’ll want to buzz your beans a tad longer for a finer grind. These coffee grinders provide assistance no matter how you wish to brew— morning, noon, or night.

This model can handle nearly 9 ounces of beans per use.Capresso

This commercial grade grinder from Capresso is made for heavy-duty use and can grind up to 8.8 ounces of coffee beans. It features a gear reduction motor that produces little static build-up and generates less noise than many other grinders on the market. It’s also easy to clean thanks to the removable upper burr.

With 60 precision settings to maintain absolute control over the coarseness and fineness—this model has it all.Breville

This large capacity grinder from Breville can store up to 18 ounces of beans. The beans are ground directly into the filters you elect to use. The timer can be adjusted in 0.2-second increments so that you can enjoy consistency in your coffee at all times. We’re partial to the brightly lit LCD display to help keep you on task before you’ve had your first cup.

One-button convenience of this grinder allows you to effortlessly grind enough for up to 12 cups of your morning joe.Hamilton Beach

What sets this Hamilton Beach electric grinder apart from many others is its quiet operation—but that’s only the beginning. The removable chamber makes this grinder easy to fill and use for coffee, spices and more. This model also features durable stainless steel blades and cord storage in the base for added convenience.